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Back in the day when raising my four kids and they did something wrong, which was often, I promised them that one day when they had kids of their own to expect no sympathy from me, that I would sit back and laugh my butt off and get my revenge. To be sure they rolled their eyes when my back was turned as I did the same thing with my mother.

My youngest especially liked to push boundaries, and she did it often as a toddler.  Of course she did it just to get a rise out of me.  Standing there looking at me after I just told her no don’t touch that, never taking her eyes off me, she would reach out that chubby little hand towards the thing she was not suppose to touch and dare me to do anything to stop her. Secretly I applauded her rebellious nature, but as a parent I couldn’t let her get away with it now could I ?


Coquet, ARGRACE, Izzie’s, Maxi Gossamer

Fast forward to present day.  The rebellious child has children of her own, and wouldn’t you know it the toddler is a mini-me version of herself.  Mini-me is like a sponge, soaking up everything around her and she is really good at monkey see, monkey do too.  Mini-me and I are quite close as she spends everyday with me and we have been working on a little trick together, to surprise mommy hehehehe.

My daughter stopped by yesterday after work to pick up mini-me. Seeing her mommy’s cell phone she promptly started making grabby hands for it. First word out of my daughters mouth was no. Huge mistake. Mini-me looked over at me and I smiled.  She looked up at her mother, stuck a finger in each ear and began to chant lalalalalalalalalalala.  My daughter shot a look of displeasure over at me and said “what is to stop her from doing this to you” ? I smiled a wicked smile and flat out stated “No is not in this Grandma’s vocabulary”.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂

*Photographed at Lost Horizon using CalWL

I would like to thank :

Tuli Skins : Claire Radiance Bronze and makeup

Blacklace Beauty : Pout Lip Gloss

*ARGRACE* :Cowboy Hat Minami Black available @ Hair Fair 2014

Coquet : Petal – solid Cream with 6 denim skirt options available @ FaMESHed

Izzie’s : Belt bracelet silver buckle, Eternity bracelet rose brown

Maxi Gossamer : Vallari hoops available @ collabor88

Slink : (AvEnhanced) casual hands

PixelFashion : My Heart Necklace Silver & Gold

Purple Poses : Lara 5