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You got the makings of greatness in you.  Take the helm and chart your own course.  Stick to it, no matter the squalls.  And when the time comes you get to really test the cut of your sails, and show what you’re made of – well, I hope I’m there catching some of the light shining off of you that day ~ Disney’s Treasure Planet

Sail Away 4

Using LumiPro with [TOR] SCIFI – Fog Mystic 2 Windlight tweaked

The bestest lingerie is your own skin and being comfortable in it.  Here’s to comfort and Happy Hump Day to one and all.  Be kind to one another and shine on.  TWMA 🙂

I would like to thank :

Tuli Skins : Claire Radiance Bronze


Slink : AvEnhanced Casual Hands and High Feet

LDG : Arabian Veil prop2 with pose, Arabian Veil _Hijab HUD 2