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The idea for this shoot has been floating around in the great void also known as my brain for a while now.  Having seen it to fruition I am quite pleased with it. Making the windlight I decided to name it after the title of this post, and I even saved it this time guys lol.

Infinity is a new to me pose store and I found them quite by accident while browsing Marketplace.  While the pose has paper cranes you wear, it is modify, so I was able to set the texture transparency to 100 so they didn’t show, and it was easy to turn the transparency back to zero.  Just a little trick I learneded.

Manticore is prominently featured again, and one just has to be patient then snap away to get the right effect of the eagles wings.  Of course I make copies so I can adjust for photos, as the original is centered on your avatar when walking.  It is quite amazing really.  Kudos to Manticore!

The song by John Denver was my inspiration. Just click on the title below for the link to this beautiful song and a most amazing voice that died to soon. Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥



Words and music by John Denver and Joe Henry

The wind is the whisper of our mother the earth

The wind is the hand of our father the sky

The wind watches over our struggles and pleasures

The wind is the goddess who first learn to fly

The wind is the bearer of bad and good tidings

The weaver of darkness, the bringer of dawn

The wind gives the rain, then builds us a rainbow

The wind is the singer who sang the first song

The wind is a twister of anger and warning

The wind brings the fragrance of freshly mown hay


Photographed at ~ Lost Horizon, Azumi using Windsong Sunset by Cougar

The wind is a racer, a wild stallion running

The sweet taste of love on a slow summer’s day

The wind knows the songs of the cities and canyons

The thunder of mountains, the roar of the sea

The wind is the taker and giver of mornings

The wind is the symbol of all that is free

So welcome the wind and the wisdom she offers

Follow her summons when she calls again

In your heart and your spirit let the breezes surround you

Lift up your voice then and sing with the wind

I would like to thank :

Although there is much of my look not showing I would be remiss if I did not list the designers who contributed to Cougar’s overall look…

LeLutka : Pocahontas IronHotcake

Lightstar : Indian Headband

Maitreya : Mesh Body lara

Slink : AvEnhanced Casual Hands

Zoul Creations : Della Skintone 06 no brows, Eyebrow Set 05 Black

EarthStones : Soar Amber Waves

Arwen’s Creations : Nakooma Mesh Wide Neck Top, Nakooma Mesh Leggings both in Moss Green

Manticore : Eagle

Infiniti Poses : Paper Birds 05 Gacha in Store

LumiPro : LumiPro V3.41