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I would rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special. ~  SHELBY  Steel Magnolias

Three and a half years by Second Life standards is a long time to remain with one partner.  Longer than most anyway.  They say all good things must end and in the end time finally ran out for Henry and me.

Time spread too thin, and 1st life was the priority.  It always has been.  I could see this coming months ago but ignored the signs.  Logins became less frequent, as did emails until the final email arrived two weeks ago.  It was one I  never wanted to read.  It would have been better to say goodbye avatar to avatar, but that was not to be either.  It doesn’t matter that he did not have the courage to dissolve our partnership.  I did.  To move on it had to be done.  When Henry asked me to partner, I promised him that I would go quietly.  I kept my promise.  And so I fired off a final response wishing him all the best 1st had to offer.  Told him he would be missed and he will be and that I would be fine…eventually.  That’s what my brain said and what my fingers typed.  My heart is another matter.

There have been and are days I am close to bursting into tears.  Spending my rez day alone was the hardest.  But I managed to put it behind me.  You see I am blessed to have met and had the pleasure to know such a man as Henry.  While a significant portion of our 3 1/2 years together was spent apart, I came to know this man in ways that I probably never would have the opportunity to do so in 1st.  First and foremost I miss our conversations, Henry’s British humor that I managed to understand quite well, and yes, I miss our most intimate of times.

Henry closed his last email with this.   I don’t think he would mind if I shared…”You had the strength of courage to do what I have found impossible. I do sincerely thank you for the wonderful times we have enjoyed together, and I do also wish you every happiness in the future. You are one in a million, and you deserve so much more than I was able to give you, and we both know that is the truth.  As I write this I wish we had had a massive fight and thrown china at one another so I could say ‘screw you’ and walk off in a huff.. but alas, all I can do is say farewell, thank you for being the best of partners and my best friend also, it’s hard to go.”  We’ve packed a lot of memories of our time together, and it was WONDERFUL.

Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

For the very first time in my blogging career…Screw the credits


Henry is wrong on one thing.  I  am not a one in a million.  I am a once in a lifetime, and if I had to do it all over again and knew what was coming, I would’ve loved you anyway.