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Bed of Roses

I’ll take the bed of roses. You take the bed of nails.

Ever since I saw this hair at *ARGRACE* I knew I wanted to showcase it in a shoot and do it in the nude. Using coastal sunset windlight, I took one shot, went into Pic Monkey to see how it looked, cropped it, hit the automatic soften button, added a border and then saved it. No further editing done to it.

Wouldn’t you just love to get inside Cougar’s head and find out what she is thinking about ?  Maybe she is lying there watching her lover, anticipating an afternoon of delight, or he has just left her bed leaving her basking in the afterglow? Maybe she is mourning a love lost or dreaming about a possible new love on the horizon ?   This one photograph could mean so many things, yet only Cougar knows and she is not talking.

Bed of Roses

Sitting here wasted and wounded at this old piano

Trying hard to capture this moment this morning I don’t know

Cause a bottle of vodka is still lodged in my head

And some blonde gave me nightmares, I think she is still in my bed

As I dream about movies they won’t make of me when I’m dead

With an ironclad fist I wake up and french kiss the morning

While some marching band keeps its own beat

In my head while we’re talking

About all the things I long to believe

About love, the truth and what you mean to mean

And the truth is, baby, you’re all that I need

I wanna lay you down in a bed of roses

For tonight I sleep on a bed of nails

oh, I wanna be close just as close as the holy ghost is

And lay you down in a bed of roses…

Of course Bon Jovi was the inspiration.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA :)

I would like to thank :

*ARGRACE* : Akane black with Akane pose 2 (pose tweaked with Animare Pose System)

Tuli Skins : Claire Radiance Bronze with makeup

EarthStones : Belly diamonds white gold, diamond studs princess/platinum, forever infinity necklace

Slink : AvEnhanced casual hands

Candynail : French nails A-HUD basic collection for slink

VAW – XTC nipples V2.5

[GW] : Rose Petals Deluxe

Fat Bosk : Wearable body rose petals red

Catch The Wind


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‘Atlantium’ in Hemlock by Indyra, ‘Blown Away’ in black by Exile

Indyra has a new release out called Atlantium.  Boho themed and right up my alley.  Atlantium comes in 8 shades, along with 6 pairs of mesh earrings and a pair of strappy stilettos perfect for summer evenings. The new do I am sporting is Blown Away by Exile and available at Hair Fair 2014.  It’s been a fairly quiet weekend.  Here’s hoping yours was too.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA :)


Photographed at Lost Horizon using Sunset WL

In the chilly hours and minutes of uncertainty

I want to be in the warm hold of your loving mind

To feel you all around me

And to take you hand along the sand

Ah, but I may as well try to catch the wind

When sundown pales the sky

I want to hide a while behind your smile

And everywhere I’d look your eyes I’d find

For me to love you now

Would be the sweetest thing, it’s what’d make me sing

Ah, but I may as well try to catch the wind

I would like to thank :

Tuli Skins : Claire Radiance Bronze and makeup

Exile : Blown Away black @ Hair Fair 2014

Indyra : Atlantium dress and earrings in Hemlock

[The Forge] : Celtic headband boof green/c  common – in store gacha

Adorkable Poses : Touch Me



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