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Beauty and intelligence are all well and good,” I said, “but the best slave is she who loves most deeply. ~ Magicians of Gor


The Kajira

I don’t pretend to understand the Gorean lifestyle.  What is that quote?…that which we fear we do not understand…something like that I think.  Having always been intrigued with Gorean RP I just didn’t have the guts to enter the world by myself, and I didn’t trust anyone to take me there either…that is, not until Henry offered.  One hears so many different stories;  be they truth or tall tales about Gor, and I wanted to find out firsthand.   Now to be honest I still haven’t seen much of Gor, but Henry swears I am a born Kajira.  Having had a desert region devoted to Gorean RP I guess he knows his Kajira stuffage.  All I know is that dancing in silks is da bomb lol. I’m such an exhibitionist at heart. My emoting skills have improved somewhat.  Oh! and I am even owned; wearing a collar when in Gor.  Henry gets a huge kick out of that…dragging me around on a leash, telling me what to do. It’s the only time this cougar is chained…coughs…make that one of the few times this cougar is chained :)  Happy Hump Day!!!  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank :

Zoul Creations : Kristy Skintone 06 no brows, Eyebrow Set 05 Black

Maitreya : Mesh Body Lara

Slink : AvEnhanced Casual Hands, Mid feet

LeLutka : VIBRATO hair ‘IronHotcake’

Cae : Interlaced collar <open collar>

EarthStones : Calliope Armlet ‘Wicked’

Misha Jesuil : belly ring

Soedara : Berhawa-nafsu {Of Color} fitted mesh

Tuty’s : Pin up Pose 41 tweaked with Animare

LumiPro : Lumipro V3.41

***Home & Garden Items – Please click HERE to see list of designers used in the build

You May Say I’m A Dreamer


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A dreamer is one who can find their way just by moonlight…and by ignoring those who are full of doubt, a dreamer gets to see the dawn before the rest of the world…~ found on pinterest, author unknown


Photographed at Lost Horizon

Just IMAGINE. It takes just as much energy to be positive as it does to be negative.  Strive to pay it forward and be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Zoul Creations : Kristy Skintone 06, Eyebrow Set 05 Black

Maitreya : Mesh Body Lara

Slink : AvEnhanced Casual Hands, Flat Feet

EMO-tions : Rosi ‘Black’

coldLogic : booth ‘Red’ Physique fit that fits Maitreya Lara well

Addams : *NEW* Ivy Skinny Flair Pants ‘White’ available @ Uber    Buy the Fatpack as it is more bang for your Lindens

EarthStones : Sitara Earrings ‘Carnelian’, Simply Yours Bridal Set ‘Platinum’

Real Evil : Ligni Necklace Engraveable

Izzie’s : Eternity Bracelet ‘Brown’

Yummy : Butterfly Ring-former Arcade Gacha

Misha Jesuil :  Belly Ring

JD : Roma Sandals ‘Red’

Exposeur : Singles Special pose 15 – from a couple of years back

LumiPro : LumiPro V3.41


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