Just Breathe


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Sometimes it’s okay if the only thing you did today was breathe…


Happy Hump Day!

Today was the first day I pulled out my LumiPro v3.4. I use Singularity strictly for taking photos and every time I went to turn on the advanced lighting I crashed.  It was very frustrating to say the least as this has never happened before.  I turned everything down a notch or two, got rid of what I didn’t need and still crashed, but not before getting two shots.  They were not up to snuff so nothing left to do but try Firestorm.

Now FS is what I use everyday for my Second Life, and I don’t mess with my settings just so I can keep things stable, and I am not familiar with the photo tools at all cause that is what I use Singularity for lol.  After getting everything set up in FS like I had in Singularity I held my breath, and wonder of wonders even on Ultra not a glitch.  Not wanting to push my luck I took one shot, processed it, as in cropped it and just softened it a tad.

I wanted to spend more time working with the LumiPro but I spent nearly 3 hours trying to get the shot so…tomorrow is another day.  The rest of the evening will be spent just breathing.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA :)

I would like to thank:

Tuli Skins : Claire Radiance Bronze & makeup

Blacklace : Anna Chemise, Beauty Pout Gloss

Cae : Enchanted, Promise & Timeless rings

EarthStones : Diamond Studs Princess cut, Forever Infinity Necklace, Twist of Fate & Double Infinity rings

EMO-tions :  Anna Black

Slink : AvEnhanced casual hands, mid feet

Sari-Sari : Minimal Nouveau 3 pose

***Photographed at Lost Horizon, Azumi using Nacon Natural Night WL and LumiPro HUD v3.4

Slave to Love


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Love makes a woman a man’s slave, and the wholeness of that love requires that she be, in truth, his slave.  With nothing less can she be fully, and institutionally, content ~ Magicians of Gor

The love slave is still slave, you see, “I said, ” and perhaps more so than any other. “Yes, whispered the woman. “She is held in her bondage by the strongest of all bonds, “I said, that of love ~ Mercenaries of Gor

Slave to Love8

Beauty and intelligence are all well and good, “I said, “but the best slave is she who loves most deeply ~ Magicians of Gor

Searching the internet for quotes on being a slave to love I happened upon this site where I found the above.  While there may be some truth to the above quotes, at some point in any relationship we, male and female alike, each play the role of master and/or slave; of the dominant and/or submissive.  I will say this…if loving a man deeply and passionately, submitting to his desires and him to yours, wanting to please and be pleased by only him makes me a slave, then I embrace those bonds wholeheartedly and proudly wear the title “Slave to Love”, be it in 1st or 2nd life.  Be kind to one another. TWMA :)

I would like to thank:

Tuli Skins : Claire Radiance Bronze & Makeup

LeLutka : VIBRATO hair ‘Ironhotcake’

Maxi Gossamer : Ashira teardrop earrings, nose ring & chain and headDress – Ayla Moon Goddess ring, Ketama ring

Soedara : Bellesa Classica Silk Chasity Belt White – scripted and unscripted bracelets and collars included.

Virtual ArtWorks  VAW : XTC Nipples v2.5

Slink : AvEnhanced Casual hands, flat feet

Candy Nail :  French Nails ‘A’ Basic Collection Appliers for Slink

Isaura : Belly Dancing #9 pose

The Setting:

[ba] : Marrakesh oasis skybox

Senzafine : “Lahore” antique Pakistani Divan

KR Home : Tall pottery ‘Carve’ , Pottery ‘Muddy’ , Short pottery ‘Alabaster’ , Accent table orange (front of Divan), Accent table ‘Carve’, Accent table ‘Stone’ (used for dance pit)

Mirage : Arabic tea Set, Square floor cushion

Mizar : Arabian Vase with white flowers (this is not listed on the markeplace store and for the life of me I can not find it anywhere on the marketplace at all now)

Jammin Mesh & Materials : Moroccan Lamps and Chain Sets ‘full perms’

La Galleria : Teal Tabriz Rug MESH, Green & Ivory Tabriz Rug MESH, Fern in Pot MESH


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