The Quiet One


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She’s a quiet one.  But don’t underestimate her punch.  There are little innocent demons inside her eyes, and they play recklessly with matches.  I’ve never seen sparks so pretty. -n-

I’ve been quiet in regards to posting on my blog the months of January and February.  A new grandbaby, illness, and my obsession with keeping my closet (inventory in Second Life) clean have kept me busy.

The above photo was taken at a new venue I heard about through one of my groups.  The Atlas Luxury Lounge is a private adult club requiring a membership fee.  Rules of conduct and a dress code are enforced.  The theme is a modern speakeasy.  So think decor of the 1920’s through the 40’s with members attired in semi-formal to formal wear.  R & B, Jazz, along with Smooth and Big Band Era sounds softly play in the background.  I’ve had the pleasure to listen to some wonderful DJ’s, live performers and even watch a Burlesque show.

When attending any venue without my Henry I can be found standing or sitting quietly alone, observing my surroundings.   One learns a lot by doing so.  Maybe I’ll see you there.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Maitreya: Mesh Body ‘Lara’, Mignon Evening ‘Burgundy’ Dress for Lara

Catwa: Bento Mesh Head ‘Catya’

Amara Beauty: Rebecca ‘skintone 08’ for Catwa

Shape: Custom shape of my own making

Truth Hair: Margarita

IKON: Mesh Hope Eyes ‘Denim’

Izzie’s: Dark Metallic Eyeshadow for Catwa, Dark Lip Tint for Catwa, Hairbase for Catwa

Euphoric: Hizma Nose Piercing

EarthStones: Diamond Studs ‘Brilliant’

AvaWay: Roxy Necklace 1,2 and 3

LumiPro: LumiPro 2017 HUD




Like Water


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She is water.  Powerful enough to drown you.  Soft enough to cleanse you.  Deep enough to save you. ~ Adrian Michael

I want to take a moment and thank Shantia Soulstar of Amara Beauty for the lovely skins she creates.  In my 7 1/2 years in Second Life, I have worn only three skin designers.  The first skin was worn for a year and the second for three years.  Then mesh bodies came along and I finally caved and joined the mesh revolution.  Unfortunately, the skin designer I was wearing at the time was not making skins for Maitreya and I had to look elsewhere.

I was so happy to have found Shantia at Skin Fair 2015.  Her store was then known as Zoul Creations.  Della was the first skin I bought, then Kristy.  I moved on to Gabriela and then when Bento heads came out in 2017 I wore Sandra for a time then finally settled on my current skin, Rebecca.  Shantia has a variety of lovely skin tones, and the darker tones work well for the Native American look I have tried to cultivate so very carefully.  She is also a master at creating the most beautiful eyebrows I have ever seen.  Can you tell I am a fangirl?  Just try one of her skins.  You’ll be one too.

Another reason for this post…I was working on sorting out hair in my closet and decided I needed a new profile photo for 2018.  This is something I try to do at least once a year. It doesn’t hurt to clean your closet out once a year either.  Well?  What are you waiting for?  Get to it!   Spring will be here before you know it.

Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Maitreya: Mesh Body ‘Lara’

Catwa: Bento Mesh Head ‘Catya’

Amara Beauty: Rebecca Skintone 08 for Catwa

Shape: Custom created by myself

LeLutka: Pocohantas ‘Blacks’

IKON: Hope Eyes ‘Denim’

Euphoric: Smokey Eyeshadow Mihrimah Series for Catwa

Amala: Circle Nose Stud

Izzie’s: Cora Sheer Lipgloss for Catwa

L’vovicha: Beauty Mark Applier

Arwen’s Creations: Nakooma Hair Feather

Lightstar: Indian Headband modified

EarthStones: Soar Earrings ‘Peaceful Spirit’

La Boheme: Mani/Pedi ‘French Soft’

Schadenfreude: Static 5 Classic Monarch Butterfly (wings down)

Body Language: Hand and Face II ‘Pose 16’

LumiPro: LumiPro 2017 HUD