The Legend Of The Nutcracker


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The real world just doesn’t make sense to me anymore. ~ Clara

Trans-Siberian Orchestra ~ Nutrocker Is it bad of me to wanna headbang to this music?

Every year at Christmas time, I treat my girls and granddaughters to a night at the ballet. We dress up to the nines, and off we go to see the Nutcracker performed by the local professional ballet studio. I love ballet. Then again I love opera too. Does that make me weird?

According to legend, a nutcracker represents power and strength and serves like a trusty watch dog guarding your family against evil spirits and danger. A fierce protector, the nutcracker bares its teeth to the evil spirits and serves as the traditional messenger of good luck and goodwill. I did not know this. And, no, nutcrackers were not made to crack nuts either. You learn something new every day.

Be kind to one another. Till we meet again♥

Photographed at Little Swan Lake, which is open to the public

What is she wearing?

For information regarding bento mesh body, bento mesh head, and their respective accessories, please see My Favorite Things.

Salt & Pepper: Willow Gown

SF design: velvet and fur hat NLA

[VEX]: Petal Diamond Studs

{RW}: Fur Muff


Bazar: Nutcracker

Robin(S)Woods: Luminaries

Nomad: Icicles

TDE: Covered Footbridge

Jian: Holiday Decor

KIDD Creation: Cattails

Trompe Loeil: Geonna Lights

The Winery


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Live a life that completely belongs to you. A life that embraces who you are and honors your dreams and desires. A life that lifts you up and supports your healing. Live a life that is currated by you and not some societal expectations.

The Winery is one of the first builds I placed out on Little Swan Lake back in July of 2020. Yeah. It’s taken me this long to get to this point. Slow and steady wins the race 🙂 Modeled after a combination of wineries in Indiana, it has become a favorite of mine. The Bozeman Barn, by Barnsworth Anubis, has 3 rooms, a loft, and a screened-in room. Following are a few photos of the interior done up for the holiday season. Be kind to one another. Till we meet again♥