Bakes On Mesh Cougar


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Never be afraid to try something new.  Remember, amateurs built the ark.  Professionals built the Titanic.  Author Unknown

Ever since Second Life released BOM (Bakes On Mesh), I’ve been patiently waiting.  Waiting for Firestorm to update their viewer.  They did!  Waiting for the skin maker of my choice to create some BOM skins.  She did!!

Shantia Soulstar of Amara Beauty has been my skin maker of choice for the past 4 1/2 years.  For this round of Shiny Shabby, Shantia released a BOM skin named EVE.  How poetic.  I wasted no time in heading there and picked up the DEMO.  It took all of a few seconds to know I would buy it.  It is a near-perfect match to the skin I purchased from her two years ago and have worn each and every day.

What do I love about BOM?  The ability to apply a skin and then add multiple layers.  Now, I’ll admit I don’t wear any ink, but to be able to wear a breast veining layer without my mesh nipples glitching is a plus, plus.  And I look forward to the many facial makeup options I will have at my disposal.  I know that people talk about the advantages of wearing system clothing again, but I am not fully on board.  I always detested the mismatched seams at the sides of system layers, and I am not a fan of the painted on look.  That being said, I do have a few mesh outfits that incorporate system layers.  They are gorgeous creations, and I intend to feature them here very soon.

I’m patiently waiting to receive my updated Maitreya mesh body.  In the meantime, I am going to have fun with this new feature.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Maitreya: Mesh Body Lara v4.1

Catwa: Bento Mesh Head Catya v4.0

Amara Beauty: BOM & Applier skin ‘EVE’ Olive Tone Available at Shiny Shabby For Catwa

Insol: Pony Hairbase Applier

Simple Bloom: Catwa Eyebrows Amanda High Arch Applier

IKON: Mesh Hope Eyes Blue

Izzie’s: Breast Veins Layer, Cora Sheer Lipstick Catwa Applier, Hoop Earrings

Euphoric: Smokey Eyeshadows Mihrimah Series

LUXE: Chain Choker Gold no longer available

Xia’s Boutique: Bead Nipple Rings

[Session]: Mesh Nipple v1

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails: Peach Cider

TMP To Legacy


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I’ve spent a lot of time on the Second Life forums lately, mainly because of the new continent Bellisseria.  But Linden Homes is not what this post is about.  I was perusing other threads and happened upon one about  TMP/Legacy mesh body.  Now, to be honest, I was never a fan of TMP body.  I in my default avatar didn’t understand what all the hoopla was about.  I did try going to The Shops but found it to be too confusing and gave up on trying the DEMO.

Fast forward to the present and on the forums, many are singing the praises of the Legacy mesh body and just as many former customers are just downright upset.    I wear one mesh body brand exclusively and I am not interested in any more than that.  That being said, I wanted to satisfy my curiosity about the Legacy body.   I went to MP and got the DEMO as the experience at The Shops by all accounts is an experience in and of itself.  My appraisal is as follows.

All photos are raw shots.  Please keep in mind that this is my personal opinion.  There will be many that disagree with me, and that is fine.  Different strokes for different folks.

The mesh body itself is pretty enough, but nothing out of the ordinary.  The Hud was a bit confusing at first.  You have to enable media and allow inworld scripts to play media which I always have switched off.  Do read the notecards before starting.  I repeat, read the notecards before starting. Information you gather from those notecards is invaluable.


I was up on my platform, taking these photos when I noticed open areas in a few places.  Now my platform is 1000m up so I tp’d down to ground level and you could still see the open spaces.  This is not good.

I haven’t had cankles since my default avatar days, and I don’t feel like going backward.

This is the “ouch” foot height.  The foot looks deformed to me.

Many have sung the praises of the hands.  I do not see any difference from my mesh body of choice.

While I do have a slight thigh gap with my mesh body ( I think all female mesh bodies do), the Legacy body thigh gap is much more extensive.  I used my own shape in all the photos, and yes, the junk in my trunk was a bit fuller as were the breasts with the Legacy body.

I don’t do full-frontal nude shots, but the distance from waist to the genital area I felt was a bit much, and the genital area is not that pretty either.  This area just looks and feels off.  You’ll have to DEMO yourself and make your own decision on this one.

Again, the cankles.  I just can’t get beyond this.

The one saving grace about this mesh body is that it has excellent nipples.  Unfortunately, great nipples are not worth 5000K to me.  All in all, I can’t love it. I’ll stick with what I have and spend my Lindens elsewhere.