Autumn Leaves

The sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep, and autumn was awakened.

The Vineyard at Little Swan Lake

I’ve always been a spring/summer girl. But there is something to be said for autumn. Little Swan Lake and the Vineyard are dressed in their fall finery, and every nook and cranny exudes a peacefulness that I enjoy so much. The region is open 24/7 for those that seek the same. Photography and machinima are allowed, so don’t be shy. Stop by and say hello. Here’s your ride. The Vineyard at Little Swan Lake

True Colors

The greatest act of courage is to be and own all that you are. Without apology. Without excuses and without any masks to cover the truth of who you really are.

Nine-and-half years ago, I started Classic Cougar Style, the blog. There have been over 400 blog posts in that time. In blogging terms, that is not very many, but I’ve never been a prolific blogger. Then again, I am not in a race to see who blogs the most. I prefer to blog when inspiration hits me, so I remain an independent blogger. This way, I answer to no one but myself. What I blog, I bought. What I bought, I genuinely love. What I genuinely love, I wear. I will continue to showcase my favorite designers, and I am happy to say I have found some new ones as well.

Speaking of designers new to me, I discovered S-Club while perusing my Flickr feed. The hairstyles are not rigged, so my editing skills came in handy. I’m wearing the Emily hairstyle, and there are several accessories and styles to choose from. I tried on several DEMOs and bought several updos when I returned to the store. I am anxious to see what else zazarouge dreams up.

The ‘to-die-for’ gown I’m wearing is by Poison Rouge. For want of a better description, Lovelace Victorian Dress is just exquisite. It’s perfect for anyone that roleplays the Victorian Era or maybe Western. I am wearing the color midnight. This is just one of several items I snapped up by Shena Neox from past events.

My wish is that you are enjoying your Second Life. Be kind to one another. Till we meet again♥

What is she wearing?

For information regarding bento mesh body, bento mesh head, and their respective accessories, please see My Favorite Things.

S-Club: Emily, Emily’s head accessory v1

Yummy: Lenore Pearl Set

Zenith: Baroque butterfly mask for hand

Poison Rouge: Lovelace Victorian Gown

Sweet Thing: Lolita lace Cuffs

PoSEioN: Statue 8 modified with Animare Plus