A Labor Of Love


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To be creative is to let little pieces of your heart go and place them into each project you make.

Theodore Thomas K. was born the end of May 2017.  Two weeks ago he was christened wearing a gown made using elements from his mothers and both grandmothers wedding gowns.  His big sister also has a gown made of the three as well.

The better part of October was spent removing lace medallions from my daughters’ wedding gown and repairing them as the beads and sequins were never anchored properly.  Each medallion has over 100 beads and sequins and each had to be re-anchored to the lace.  There are 36 lace medallions used in the making of this gown.  Do the maths.  The collar has almost 200 seed pearls around the Peter Pan collar.  Those were handsewn on as well mimicking the neckline pattern of his mothers’ gown.  Antique pearl buttons purchased years ago at an estate auction decorate the bodice front and back.

Entredeux was used to join laces, bodice, and skirt together.  Tuxedo pleats were created on the front of the bodice and the paternal grandmothers’ gown fabric was used as the main fabric of the bodice, collar, and sleeves.  The dove embroidery insertion is Swiss made purchased many years ago at a week-long heirloom sewing retreat. Each lace medallion was sewn on by hand so as not to crush/break the previous beadwork done.  The lace ruffle shown in the first photo is from my gown and attached to the slip underneath.  The gown fabric is a Swiss Nelona which is a 100% cotton batiste.

Master Ted seemed to take the whole ceremony in stride and didn’t mind one bit wearing a dress for the occasion.  He promptly fell asleep afterwards and I was able to snap a few photos of my newest little Prince in his finery.

I spent the days after the Christening recovering as my fingers and hands were extremely sore.  Then thirty people descended upon my home for Thanksgiving.  I’ll get back to blogging soon enough.  In the meantime, I am taking a much-needed rest.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

Personal Best


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I will beat her.  I will train harder.  I will eat cleaner.  I know her weaknesses.  I know her strengths.  I’ve lost to her before.  But not this time.  She is going down.  I have the advantage.  Because I know her well…She is the old me. ~ Authour Unknown

I Will Beat Her1b

Cougar and Whiskey Tango at Angel Manor Estates

When the Water Horse Riding Horse first came out Henry and I had a Lake House residence at Angel Manor Estates.  I spent a bit of time on horseback exploring the twelve regions which are connected by walkways.  There are many garden areas, some which require a bit of exploring or you will miss them.  One can spend the better part of a day and not see everything.  There was an empty paddock when I lived there and I would practice dressage.  Well I would pretend at it anyway.  It has now been converted to a jumping area.  I highly suggest you locate the stable area.  There you will find a grassy area,  perfect for practicing trots, canters and gallops.

Angel Manor Estates is a residential district.  Most of the buildings house apartments, so please be respectful when you come upon a plaque that states the area is a private residence.  You may find yourself banned if you do not.  Happy Trails to you.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Complexity ~ 109,922 horse included

Water Horse : Water Horse Riding Horse  ‘English Warmblood’

The Texture Barn : Equine Animotions ‘Regal Arch Pose’, Dapple Grey Coat Texture For WH Bento Horse

Jinx : Plaited Mane and Tail

On Cougar

COCO : Horse Riding Jacket ‘Black’, Tall Field Boots ‘Black’ + Breeches Available at FaMeshed thru October 27th

Argrace : Equestrian Cap