Her Strut


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Always walk like you deserve to be right where you are.


Erratic and Maitreya released a new lingerie set, which also includes breast size for Maitreya Petite.  Stockings include all foot shapes.  Now, if we can just get shoe designers on board to make shoes for the kitten and ballet shape.  Hint, hint.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Maitreya: Mesh Body Lara v5.2

Catwa: Bento Mesh Head Catya v4.5

Amara Beauty: Eve BOM Beige No Brow

Izzie’s: Blush/Contour Remover, Under Eye Concealer, Breast Veins, Small Breast all BOM appliers are included with purchase

Simple Bloom: Lara Dawn High Arch Eyebrow BOM for Catwa appliers are included with purchase

IKON: Hope Eyes Blue

MILA: Beauty Mark

Euphoric: Hizma nose piercing

Blueberry: Icon Angel Wings

Misha Jesuil: Infinity Ring

Lilypily: Cougar Amulet Ring Store is no longer in world

Truth Hair: Euphoria

Maitreya & Erratic: Reve Lingerie Set (Bra, Panties, Suspenders, and Stockings)

The Secret Store: Boudoir Slippers Rose

Attitude by Alexia:  Bitch Walk Pose 08 modified with Animare

The Fire Within


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Do not underestimate the fire within her, for she will burn your perception to the ground.


It’s been way too long since my last post, but sometimes a thing called life gets in the way, be it first or second.  I’ve been working on my region in Second Life, but I get to a certain point, and I tear it all down.  I’ve done that three times now.  I think I’ll stop for now and just let the region sit empty for a while.

Dealing with bilateral carpal tunnel is not helping one bit.  I can barely type a paragraph without pain getting in the way.  Taking photos is a complicated ritual.  I do have good days, and sometimes I can string two or three in a row.  So far, so good this week, which brings me to this post.

Showcasing several of my favorite designers/creators in this photo.  Enjoy!  Remember to be kind, and if you can’t be kind, please be QUIET.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank the following designers/creators:

Maitreya: Mesh Body Lara v5.1

Catwa: Mesh Bento Head Catya v4.5

Amara Beauty: BOM Eve beige No Brows

Ikon: Mesh Hope Eyes Blue

Shape: My own creation

Izzie’s: Breast Veins

Simple Bloom: BOM Lara Dawn High Arch Eyebrows for Catwa

Mila: Beauty Mark

Euphoric: Hizma Nose Piercing

Truth Hair: Euphoria

Amias: Danika RARE and ULTRARARE Rings

EarthStones: Simply Yours Bridal Set

Misha Jesuil: Infinity Ring

Lilipily: Cougar Amulet Ring No longer In World

Ysoral: Luxe Diamond Bracelet, Ring Sara

Dead Doll (Formerly Known As Dead Dollz): Gardenia Top & Bra

COCO: Cropped Trousers

ChicChica: Doris Black Special Edition

PosSEioN: Frida 1