Morning Ride


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Every day I am grateful for moments like these.  ~ authour unknown

A little over a month ago Henry leased a manor house at Angel Manor Estates for us. With Henry’s approval I have busied myself with household duties making the lake house our home away from home.  It’s been wonderful to have a place to go to when Lost Horizon is open to the public and even when it is closed.

Most of my time is spent riding Admiral, my English Warmblood bento horse by Water Horse.  We both enjoy exploring the estates many nooks and crannies.  This morning we came upon one such nook/crannie and I felt an overwhelming need to capture the moment.  Very little processing has been done to the photograph, relying instead on wind light. I think it turned out rather nicely.

Angel Manor Estates is currently adding three more regions and when finished there will be a total of twelve regions to explore with waterways for sailing.  In the coming weeks look for more photos of beautiful nooks and crannies.  Stop by and discover a few on your own morning ride.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank :

LeLutka : Vibrato ‘IronHotcake’

Addams : Natalia Boyfriend Shirt

Izzie’s : Twinnie Jeggings Appliers

COCO Designs : Riding Boots ‘Two Toned’

Water Horse : English Warmblood bento horse

Dream River


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You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming?  That’s where I’ll always love you.  That’s where I’ll be waiting. ~ J.M.Barrie, Peter Pan

Last week Henry and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary together in Second Life. After all this time the man still manages to make my pulse quicken when he logs on.  Living on opposite sides of the pond might present a huge obstacle for many, but we are able to make it work and quite well I might add.

I am wearing the Guinevere gown by Valentina E. which is available at Lootbox Gacha Event through April 20th.  It makes for a lovely nightie ladies.

The title of the post was inspired by a song, sung by Raul Malo of The Mavericks that can be heard here. Lyrics are reprinted below, just in cases you want to sing along.

Dream River

by The Mavericks

Floating down a dream river

With the moon and stars above

Maybe they can help me find

A way to have your love

Sleeping in the darkest room

Dreaming you are in my arms

Oh how I wish my dream comes true

With all my heart

Don’t want this night to end

Don’t want to live without you

Floating down a dream river

With you by my side

I know it’s make believe

But please don’t wake me

I don’t mind

Happy Hump Day!!!  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥