Still Water


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She’s a silent lover, but don’t mistake the hidden feelings with the depth she has within. Still waters run deep and she is the whole damn ocean. ~ventum

Still Water by The 4 Tops Long Version

It seems like forever I have been wanting to do a mirror image photo. Finally I sat down and began to learn the process in earnest. I used information gleaned from Strawberry Singh’s website, and while the data is dated, it is still relevant.

I was having issues with choppy edges, and no amount of tweaking would fix it. It then dawned on me to turn up the resolution of the water to life-like. BINGO! The photo remained blurred, and even turning up the my camera resolution in Firestorm did not rectify it. So, I did a bit of photo editing which is something I rarely do. My first attempt with mirror water turned out rather well, I think.

Be kind to one another. TWMA♥

What is she wearing? Very little lol

Maitreya: Mesh Bento Body Lara v5.2

Catwa: Mesh Bento Head Catya v4.5

Amara Beauty: Eve Beige BOM NO BROWS

Simple Bloom: Lara Dawn High Arch Brows BOM

Ysoral: Nipple Piercing Betty

Nanika: Drops of Water Applier

ARTE: Water Droplets for Catwa


oOo Studio: Tootsie Pose 6

*Photographed at Surfer’s Bay

My Favorite Path


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Life takes you down many paths, but my favorite ones lead to the beach.

Taken at – Surfer’s Bay VIP

They say Labor Day signals the end of summer. I don’t think so. I have until September 22. So there! Sticks my tongue out. I thrive in warm weather and not looking forward to gray, gloomy days of winter. Fourteen days left of summer, and I am going to make the most of them. Be kind to one another. TWMA♥

What is she wearing?

Maitreya: Bento Mesh Body Lara v5.3

Catwa: Bento Mesh Head Catya v4.5

Amara Beauty: Eve Beige NO BROWS BOM

Shape: My Own Creation

IKON: Mesh Hope Eyes Blue

Izzie’s: Cora Sheer Lipgloss BOM, Blush/Contour Remover BOM, Breast Veins, Small Breast Shadow Fix BOM

Simple Bloom: Lara Dawn High Arch Brows

Euphoric: Hizma Nose Piercing

Maxi Gossamer: Multi Hoop Earrings

KUNGLERS: Melania Necklace

Amias: Danika RARE & ULTRARARE Rings

EarthStones: Belly Gems, Moira Bracelet

Misha Jesuil: Infinity Ring

Ysoral: Luxe Ring Sara

Stealthic: Verge Hair

Ghee: Beach Wrap Bikini and Beach Wrap Navy


Amitie: Straw Bag Pose 3