Going Home

Home is what you take with you, not what you leave behind. – N.K. Jemisim, The Fifth Season

Petit Lac Des Cygne

The Duchess took a deep breath and slowly descended the stairs.  She walked into the main parlor, slowly turned around, and took in all the work she had done on the Chateau.  The head butler walked in and announced the luggage had been brought down and placed in the limousine as ordered.  A private jet in Paris, France, was being readied for her departure back to the states.  Taking a step out onto the front portico, she looked up at the Chateau she called home these past five years.

As she closed her eyes, a single tear traced a path down her cheek as she remembered the first time she saw the Chateau. How happy she had been to restore the grand ole dame and how contented she had been here in France.  But sometimes, reality sneaks in on the fairytale and becomes a nightmare.

Henry kissed her forehead as he set about on one of his regular walks into the Pyrenees, assuring his love that he would return soon. He enjoyed traversing the hills and mountains as much as time would allow. But, unfortunately, light snow began to fall shortly after his departure. The afternoon came, and as the lateness of the hour drew near, the Duchess grew alarmed he had not returned. A feeling of dread tripped across her heart, and several menfolk were dispatched to search for the missing master. Returning at dusk, and the snow now 2 feet deep, the foreman stood before her, with hat in hand, and stammered that not a trace could be found of Henry.

Days turned into weeks, then weeks into months with no word or sighting of her beloved. While the outside world saw her as the strong Duchess Lion de Montagne, it was in the evenings that she let the illusion fall as she slipped into bed, and sobbed herself to sleep. Spring arrived, and with it the realization that Henry would never return. Alone now, the pull of home started out as a gentle tug, and then the longing became so strong, she felt there was no choice but to return across the pond.

Sighing heavily, clutching the locket around her neck, she brought it to her lips, kissing it ever so lightly. Taking one last look around, she knew she would never return, at least for any extended length of time. Turning, she entered the limousine and settled herself for the long ride to Paris.

Little Swan Lake


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Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The landing at Little Swan Lake – Brian Crain ‘Song of the Heart

Tomorrow I will celebrate my 11th Rezz Day in Second Life. Every day that I log in, as in my 1st life, I believe that something wonderful will happen. I’ve never been disappointed.

In the eleven years, I have been here in Second Life, the one constant has been my love of digging in pixel dirt. Time gets away from me, and before I know it, I’ve spent the whole day landscaping. It’s pure euphoria for the introvert in me, and I have to make myself stop and go mingle with other peeps. I like being alone, so actually tis not a bad thang.

About this new build: I was born and raised in Kentucky and now reside in southwest Indiana. Indiana has several award-winning wineries, and being a wine enthusiast of sorts, I have visited several. Okay, I have visited them all. The Vineyard is based on a few of those wineries. My last build had a small vineyard, but this one is on a much grander scale, and the landscaping reflects that. I kept the region surround by YB sim surround landscape, so it appears to be located at the base of a mountain range. There are no mountains in Indiana, but I love this surround, so it stays. Heart Garden CenterBotanicalHappyMoodStudio-Skye, and new to me landscape creators LOVEKonoha, and HISA contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic. The structures used are RoostTrompe LoeilElmMESHWORXBarnesworth AnubisApple FallThe Domineaux Effect, and Teegle. Serene and romantic was the goal. Judging by the comments from my friends who have toured the build, I may have nailed it and may never want to leave. This is no bad thang. 

While this is my private residence, like my former build, Petit Lac Des Cygne, I intend to open it to the public to enjoy. This time though, I have carved out a parcel for my private use. The goal is to open on July 5th. More photos to come.

Be kind to one another. Till we meet again. ♥