Finding Balance


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Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. Rumi

Be kind to one another. Till we meet again.♥

All the lovely details.

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Stealthic: Metropolis

Truth: Figi Flower

Dead Doll: Lupe Pareo White

Kibitz: Bangle Bracelet Gacha

RealEvil: Esprit Butterfly Necklace

Amias: Danica Rings Gacha

Misha Jesuil: Infinity Ring, Belly Piercing Chandelier Faith

Izzie’s: Initial Bracelet Gacha

Ysoral: Luxe Piercing Cerese

Secret Poses: Sandy Available at current round of Shiny Shabby

The Games Some People Play

Dear Players: Go ahead and play your deceitful little games-lying and manipulating women to get laid-because that’s the only way you can get them interested. Maybe you’ll have a different perspective when you’re wiping the tears off your daughter’s face…because she dated a man like you.

-Charles J. Orlando

RUN by Nicole Scherzinger

I’ve never thought of Second Life as a game, preferring to call it a virtual world where one could interact with people from all walks of life all over the world. I know that some men and women love to play mind games for the expressed benefit of themselves, then casually walk away when the battlefield is strewn with a multitude of broken hearts as if they had nothing whatsoever to do with the destruction. It’s easy to hide behind the screens of computers or make a new avatar and start the process all over again.

I’ve had my share of being used in Second Life. Some more than others, some much less. Normally, I would quietly move on without ever uttering a word, and I was doing just that, but for some reason, I just couldn’t let it slide this time.

I believed every word that dripped off your lips like honey from a hive. The one thing I didn’t see was the effort behind those words. I attempted to walk away, and you sucked me right back into your snake pit. Again, the words were sugary-sweet, but still no effort on your part. I walked away once again, and this time I kept walking. It wasn’t easy. It hurt like hell. What hurt, even more, was to find out you had not only me dangling on a hook but several other women as well. Are you proud of yourself? Does it make you feel like man?

Now, I’ve managed to move on, but other women were not so lucky. I could have warned those women, but would they have listened? Sadly no. It’s unfortunate, but that lesson needs to be learned personally. I could have been given that information, and in fact, I was to an extent by the trolls that still continue to hound me to this day. Did I believe? No.

Then out of the blue, I get this, this apology? Do I believe it to be sincere? No. Your behavior states otherwise. I think it’s just another ploy to try and suck me right back into your pit of lies. I want to state right now that I don’t have any animosity against you. What I do feel is indifferent towards you. However, I am disappointed in this uncontrollable need you seem to have to treat women the way you do. There must be something very rotten inside you that festers, poisons, and leaves you with no feelings at all. So no, I can’t accept that apology, but I will do one better. I will forgive myself.

I forgive myself for thinking you were a better man than I realized. I forgive myself for trusting a man more than he ever deserved. I forgive myself for giving a piece of me away to a man that more or less stomped on it, then proceeded to walk over it and on to his next conquest. I’ll never get that piece back, but you never got the best of me, you hear? You didn’t get the best of me. I forgive myself for not listening to my gut when it said, “Leave now, run before it’s too late.” You can bet your sweet ass I am on high alert now. I take full responsibility for my part in this shit show. But, will you? I think not.

I want you to know that thanks to you I met the most amazing woman who was also caught up in your lies during this healing process. We were an instant connection and became sisters and best friends of the heart. While you were a lesson, she and my new family have become my greatest blessings. The Great Spirit does work in mysterious ways.

So for all the women to come that find themselves caught in your snake pit… I give this warning…RUN!!!

*Do not, I repeat, do not ever try to contact me again. I don’t need nor do I want it.