The Chateau Of The Little Swan Lake


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It will cost you nothing to dream.  And everything not to.  Find your wings.


Located in the south region of France, formerly known as the Aquitaine region now known as Nouvelle-Aquitaine, in a remote area between Pau and Oloron-Sainte-Marie, at the foot of the Pyrenees mountain range, stands Le Chateau du petit lac des Cygnes. The Chateau is located not more than 100 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean and roughly 50 kilometers from Spain as the crow flies.  The winters are wet, mild, with occasional snowfalls.  The summers are warm, mild, and much drier.

History of the chateau dates back as early as the late 1600’s, with the chateau as it now stands completed around 1705.  The family, with ties to the royal court, preferred a quiet life in the countryside rather than the strict regimen at Versailles. It was during the French Revolution that the much-loved family, protected by the village inhabitants, journeyed over the Pyrenees into Spain, then gained passage to the young United States of America, thereby escaping the blade of the guillotine.  The family blossomed in the new country and their life in France was but a memory passed down through generations that followed.  Centuries passed, the Chateau grew quiet, eventually fell into disrepair, and soon was all but forgotten.

Until now…

About 3 weeks ago I moved Le Lac Des Cygnes from a homestead to a full region.  While I am nowhere ready to reopen I thought to give somewhat of a teaser.  The storyline is a work in progress and the above paragraphs are the fruits of my labors, or better yet of many, many, many edits.  More to follow…soonish.

Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥



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If you want to know what it’s like to survive hell and still come out shining brighter than the sun, just look into the eyes of a woman who has survived intense damage and refused to allow it to destroy her softness.  ~ Nikita Gill, Persephone Rising

There’s some old, not so old and very new intertwined in this photo.  It was a bit tricky to create the correct pose I had in mind but in the end, managed to pull it off.  Enjoy!  And remember to be kind to one another.  Oh!  Happy Hump Day!  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Maitreya: Mesh Body ‘Lara’

Catwa: Bento Mesh Head ‘Catya’

Amara Beauty: Rebecca Skintone 08 for Catwa

Shape: Custom Shape Created by myself

IKON: Hope Eyes Mesh ‘Denim’

Euphoric: Smokey Eyeshadows Mihrimah Series for Catwa, Hizma Nose Piercing

In L’vovicha: Beauty Mark Applier for Catwa

Navzar Lab: The First Time Lipsticks Palette for Catwa available at Applique thru April 7th

Stealthic: Passion ‘Black’

[VEX]: The Royal Necklace unable to locate a store in world or on MP

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Lilipily: Cougar Amulet Ring No Longer In World

Misha Jesuil: Belly Ring ‘Faith’

ZOZ: Mani/Pedi ‘Trinity Beach’ Nail Polish Applier

LumiPro: LumiPro 2017 HUD

Animare: Anamare HUD used to modify the pose below  Will Not control Bento Joints

Black Tulip: Standing at the Window #2 mirror pose

Jian: Dove Collection ‘Placer and Hold Doves used’

Half-Deer: Yellow Baby Bird Single ‘Hold’ modified and used to create the right-hand hold

Home & Garden

The Plastik: Naani Candle Decor ‘Noir’ a February TLC item not out in store as of yet

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