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…if  we ever think of each other at the same time. ~ author unknown


These days it seems many designers are in several events a month and/or participating in those monthly subscription boxes.  I gave up on the monthly subscriptions a while back.  Just too many out there now and to be honest I like to try or see before I buy. I’ve also taken to passing up on the early entry to events before they open to the public as many designers have not yet set up and you always have to go back it seems for something you missed.  I understand that it’s hard to meet deadlines due to 1st Life or computer issues.  But, my time is precious these days and I prefer not to waste it going back to an event a second time.

I do however love in store releases and Addams Clothing is one of a handful of stores I frequent that continues to offer this.  I could not pass up the recently released Aurora as it is just beautifully done lingerie. Comes with both opaque and transparent versions and works well with a baby bump.  This is one I recommend you fatpack.  Happy Hump/Bump Day! Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

ARC – 54,119

Maitreya : Mesh Body ‘Lara’

Catwa : Mesh Bento Head ‘Catya’

amara beauty : Sandra Skintone ’06 Caramel’ for Catwa

IKON : Hope Eyes ‘Denim’

Truth Hair : Cinnamon ‘Black’

EarthStones : Doji Necklace ‘Peace’

.euphoric : Smokey Eyeshadow Mihrimah Series  for Catwa

Izzie’s : Dark Lip Tint Applier for Catwa

Addams Clothing : Aurora Babydoll Transparent Version

La Boheme : Mani/Pedi  OMNI Set ‘French Soft’

Yuyoo Tattoo : Lyrical Feet Applier

oOo Studio : Belle ‘three’

LumiPro : LumiPro 2017 HUD



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He always gives me butterflies when we meet.  Now those butterflies have turned into little feet.  Cougar Sangria


There are several designers in my closet whose designs work well with an ever-changing baby bump.  Today I wear Ivy Skinny Jeans and Natalia Boyfriend Shirt by Addams.  No, they are not recent releases but are still very much current and should be included in any ladies closet, pregnant or otherwise.

Since I am just pregnant the sliders adjusted have been to a small degree breast size and on a larger scale love handle and stomach sliders, with the latter two sliders being adjusted as needed on a month by month basis. I have not increased body fat as I used my own pregnancy experience in 1st.  All baby bump.

The photo above is of the forest area I am currently working on at Lost Horizon. Everything shown is from Heart Garden Center.  Not in any hurry at the moment to see it completed.  There are so many projects in 1st I am working on so the landscaping is taking a back seat for now.  If everything goes according to plan the landscaping and nursery for the babies should be completed before my due date.

I just now realized that the last time I wore this shirt I got into sooo much trouble. Looks down at my growing belly and smiles. Yup, it was a very good day for trouble.   Happy Belated Hump Day!, or should I say Bump Day?  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

ARC – 75,440

Maitreya : Mesh Body ‘Lara’

Catwa : Bento Mesh Head ‘Catya’

IKON : Hope Eyes ‘Denim’

Amara Beauty : Sandra Skintone ’06 Caramel’ for Catwa

Shape :  My first purchase from Sophistishapes when I was new.  Not a slider has been left untouched.  The shape is no longer available.

LeLutka : VIBRATO Hair ‘IronHotcake’

LightStar : Indian Headband

Euphoric : Smokey Eyeshadow ‘Mihrimah Series’ Catwa

Izzie’s : Cora Sheer Lip gloss Catwa

Addams : Ivy Skinny Jeans, Natalia Boyfriend Shirt

EarthStones : Simply Yours Bridal Set ‘Platinum’,  Celtic Claddagh Ring, Morgan Leather Bracelet ‘basics’

Diesel Works Poses : Cyn 08

LumiPro : LumiPro 2017 HUD