This past week has been somewhat of brain fart for me.  RL took precedence (as it should), and I just couldn’t decide what to blog about until I happened upon a bloggers challenge from Portia Pexington .
I think we all rezzed in on the Linden Labs SL viewer and then proceeded to a TPV.  I stayed on the SL viewer as it was user friendly (Phoenix was difficult for me to maneuver and I hadn’t heard of Kirstin’s yet).  When I discovered you could make up outfits in the appearance tab and save them and then change from casual to formal with one click of the mouse my SL experience became much easier.  When I switched to FS I was glad this option was available. I can’t imagine not having it. 
My Beauty Base Zero is aptly named Basic Cougar.  It is the foundation for all outfits in my closet and has not changed that much in over 2 1/2 years.  I do wear a hair base but added the pulled back up do for this post.  Also added was the lingerie as my BBZ is nude.  I just make sure before hitting save that everything is covered in the right places and sorry not gonna show my fugly system feet either 🙂
What's Your Beauty Base Zero?
Basic Cougar
Worn all the time, no exceptions, is my cougar ring, wedding set,and nose piercing.
Basic Cougar
Confession time…I wear only one skin, one set of eyes (blue), one set of eyelashes, pretty much one set of nails (french) and only one color of hair (black).  Why? I will go into greater detail in another post, but, being native american I made the decision to keep my Avie that way too.  It does put limitations on choices available to  me for sure, but I don’t mind in the least.  I like a challenge 🙂  TWMA 🙂
Skin – Tuli Claire ‘Bronze’ only available in lighter tones at this time
Feet – Gos Boutique Mesh Barefoot Flat
Hair – Vanity Hair ‘Sunset Blvd. v2’ Blacks
Nails – Candy Nail  Clear Glitter french Pink
No longer Available – Eyelashes, eyes, lingerie, and cougar amulet ring