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As promised in an earlier post, I returned to The Coast of Melee Island and to my surprise a few changes have taken place. Much to my dismay the coffee shop I had spied on my last visit has disappeared but there are plenty of little nook and crannies to satisfy any shutterbug, including myself.


This Way

The Coast of Melee Island is a public beach and forest located on the region Ai Atoll and carries a G rating.


The Covered Bridge

The day of my visit was fairly busy as I counted fifteen avatars on the public side alone. Bokeh. and even.flow, stores that are new to me are located here as well. Of course I picked up a few demos that looked promising 🙂


The Lonely Sentinel

As I like to play with windlight each photo was shot using a different one (tweaked by me) and I must apologize for not remembering all the ones used. Fine Day and Coastal Sunset are two that come to mind and I promise to do better next time.


The Grass is Greener

This was the perfect shoot to get back into SL Travel 52.  I have a lot of catching up to do and lots of places on my list to visit.  If you would like to join Purplebutterfly’s SL Travel 52 you can get the 411 here.  Remember…Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂

Post Script:  I only captured a small part of what The Coast of Melee Island has to offer by way of photography spots.  For sure this gal will be making a return visit.