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H22O closes for good this evening, October 31st, at 11:59 PM SLT.  You have probably seen H22O in photos on Flickr, but that cannot compare to a visit in person. The sounds alone left me in awe.  You still have time. You won’t be disappointed. GO.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂


There is a quiet beauty found in nature when heaven weeps…


It’s okay to cry, the sky does it too…


A raindrop landing on your cheek is a kiss from someone who lives in Heaven and is watching over you…



Let your kindness be like the rain, that cares not about whom it falls upon ~ Talib al Habib


and there were always those nights where she preferred the rain over people.  Because the rain would remind her of how she should feel and people would remind her of the things she always wanted to forget ~ R.M. Drake


Don’t confuse your path with your destination.  Just because it’s stormy now doesn’t mean that you aren’t headed for sunshine ~ unknown


The rain falls because the sky can no longer handle the heaviness.  Just like tears.  They fall because the heart can no longer handle the pain…