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You only live once…but if you work it right, once is enough ~ attributed to Joe E. Lewis


There’s always time for tea, and there’s always room for cake ~ unknown


Coffee does not agree with me.  Having tried to drink it, no wait, let me rephrase that. Having tried to swallow coffee, fixed many ways in my younger days, the only thing it ever got me was bent over the sink with the dry heaves. While I love the smell of coffee brewing I quickly learned that tea, not coffee was my drink of choice, well, after Dr. Pepper that is 🙂

When my daughters were small, once a month we would get all duded up and drive to this picturesque tea room that overlooked the river.  The girls always got a kick out of it as it was something we did as a girls only thing. Heck, I got a kick out of it.  To this day the girls still talk about those Saturday afternoons having high tea.

Now in 1st I have quite a collection of china for serving tea, so of course I was thrilled when I laid my eyes upon the gacha key of Erratic’s An English Afternoon for the Arcade Gacha Event. Insert squeals of delight here.  Yes, this chick has the whole collection and boy did she have fun wasting time setting up high tea for two!  Be kind to one another. TWMA ♥

*Photographed at Lost Horizon, Azumi

I would like to thank:

The following can all be found at The Arcade Gacha Event now in progress through the end of the month.

Erratic : An English Afternoon – garden table, garden chair, tea boxes, teapot, milk, sugar, jam and cream, table setting, plate of desserts, butter, basket of scones, High Tea etagere RARE, English roses, vanilla blueberry cake

Dust Bunny : Spring Time Gacha – Lily Greenhouse RARE, rose table white, garden wheelbarrow, key chandelier, spring reading, flower cabinet, Delilah chair white, recycled pots

8f8 : Primavera in Toscana –  very well, clay pots, small cupboard, courtyard bench

ISPACHI : Garden Friends – Pokey the hedgehog, Pickle the chipmunk, Sniffles the bunny, Basil the bird, Paws and Pals RARE

Ariskea : Pot Pourri – little sign, aloe herb bac, ciboulette herb bac, seperator with ivy, heart in plant sign, lavender basket, ceramic pots

The rest of the build:

-tb- : Soiree – pastries, Spring Living – vintage books,  both former Arcade gachas

Apple Fall : banana tree, Dolly Gacha – Roses Jug, Shauna’s Chair

Dutchie : Philodendron full

Atelier Visconti : Vanite’ Carpet

insight designs : Tuscan Terracotta pots full perm

The Odd Eyed Cat : Planter 4

Mesh Plants : Hibiscus Plant large Pink, Camellia Bush Pink

Terrashop : White and Yellow garden daffodils, garden red poppies

Heart Garden : Offsim rocky outcrops, Mature Oaks, Wild Mountain Pines

Botanical : T2c Linden Trees

*aG* : Fizzy Flowers pink

HPMD : Shrubs pink

[Tia] : Tuscany Aquarius Fountain