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I love artwork especially sculptures and statuary, and have it sprinkled around the region here and there.  This scene is inspired by a memory of my two little boys now grown men. Oh the memories I have of those two munchkins 🙂

The statue and  fish for the bowl are by !Ohmai.  The koi are by 8f8.  All are available at SOU by Creation.jp through April 15th.  I just love these two creators/builders/designers.  Such talent! You will kick yourself in the butt if you don’t attend this event.  Just sayin 😛

Boys will be boys2

Snack time! Hehehe!


Note to Spunk ~ It wasn’t until I left SOU that I got the idea for this build and had to go back and play the 8f8 gacha, and of course I had to play until I got every piece. Smacks myself.

Be kind to one another.  TWMA ♥

I would like to thank:

!Ohmai : A Boy and His Pet Fish Bronze also available in gold, Bloopie Goldfish Bi-Sunset & Bi-Sunrise @ SOU by creation.jp

8f8 : Various Koi Silent Conversations Gacha, the koi though stationary have subtle movements and also work well in linden water @ SOU by creation.jp

Botanical : Waterlilies, Pedestal Lantern Moss covered

Heart Garden : Riverbank Weeping Willows, Wild Cherry Trees, Various Water Plantings

MeadowWorks : Crane Sculpture Corrosion, Wildflowers Perfect Prairie Curve

Studio Skye : Spring Flower Bolt-on for Enchanted Woods