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So Free

As if dropped down from crystal sky,

two mares through water run

so free.

They gleam the dream of Gemini,

white beauty in the sun

and sea.

Written March 10, 2015 by Andrea Dietrich

for the MEMENTO OF WATERS Poetry Contest of nette onclaud


The Waterhorse by Garvie Garzo for Fantasy Faire 2015


The following is taken directly from Myth Beasts website:

The Hippocampus is commonly seen in ancient Greek art and is a mythical creature associated with the Greek god of the ocean – Poseidon (or Neptune in Roman myth). The Hippocampus has the top half of a horse including head, neck and forelegs and the lower part of a fish, a dolphin or in some rare cases a serpent. Therefore the Hippocampus is literally a sea-horse. The name comes from the Greek ‘hippos’ meaning horse and ‘kampos’ meaning sea monster.

Poseidon was the god of horses as well as the god of the sea and earthquakes. Many Hippocampi were needed to draw the chariot of the sea of Poseidon. Homer describes Poseidon as driving a chariot pulled by brazen-hoofed horses across the sea. The Hippocampus appears frequently in bronze ware, silverware and paintings of the ancient Greeks and the Etruscans but also feature in the artworks of India and Mesopotamia.

Garvie Garzo, designer, creator, artist, builder and owner of meadowWorks created the above statue “The Waterhorse” for Fantasy Faire 2015. In her own words:

Hi, so glad you liked the Waterhorse sculpture, which was made especially for Fantasy Faire 2015.

It’s been packaged as a mirrored pair, because Alia Baroque decided to use 2 of them mirrored at the landing point for Odyssey. In honor of this, I have left the second one named Alia’s Mirror. But since I didn’t want people to think I was playing favorites, and because Alia is right about them looking good together, I have decided that you too can have 2 Waterhorses.

However, because Fantasy Faire is special (and I do play favorites lol), these will be sold as a pair ONLY for the duration of Fantasy Faire 2015 as a RFL donation item. In future the Waterhorse will be available from meadowWorks as a single sculpture. Think of it as a Fantasy Faire Limited Edition.

While Garvie sent this to me in a blogger pack, I would have bought these breathtaking sculptures outright. Both statues compliment my “Garden of Solitude”  so well I have decided that where I placed them, there they will stay 🙂

Fantasy Faire 2015 continues through May 3rd, and  I highly recommend going to see the wonderful builds which are works of art themselves.  There are 13 regions to ooooh and aaaah over. Guaranteed to not disappoint.

Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥