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Photographed at ~ Lost Horizon, Azumi using Coastal WL and LumiPro

Love me without fear.

Trust me without questioning.

Need me without demanding.

Want me without restrictions.

Accept me without change.

Desire me without inhibitions.

For a love so free…

will never fly away. ~ unknown

During Fantasy Faire I came across a woman who had a leopard that followed her, and I was so struck by the way it moved I IM’d her asking for the maker. She was very nice and gave me the information needed.  I was pleased to find they also make a cougar, and well…I had to have one 🙂 There is a little bit of everything, animal wise, to be had at Manticore. There be dragons, griffons, birds of prey, bunnies, dogs, wolves, etc… Thinking these are great for roleplay and photography, I intend to go back for more.

Earlier this week I made a return trip to Zaara for more of her lingerie appliers as I can purchase just for “lara”.  Zaara’s lingerie appliers are one of the few places I will buy without a DEMO, but, I still wish she would offer them.

Rarely do you find me without a piece of EarthStones jewelry on.  Rarely? Never actually lol.  EarthStones is my go to store and I have just about one of everything  lol.

It’s all these things that inspired the above photo for today…these and a certain British gentleman 🙂  Have a Happy Hump Day!  Do be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank :

LeLutka : VIBRATO hair IronHotcake

Lightstar: Indian Headband

Maitreya : lara Mesh Body

Slink : AvEnhanced Casual Hands & Flat & Mid Feet

Zoul Creations : Della Skintone 06 no brow, Eyebrow Set 05 black

EarthStones : Soar Peaceful Spirit Necklace & Earrings, Krishna Narrow Bracelet

Misha Jesuil : Belly Ring for Maitreya lara

Zaara : Kanti Lingerie Appliers for Maitreya lara Turquoise

Manticore : cougar

Sky Nation : Native American War Lance

The LOLO Pet Shop : Monarch Butterfly

Tutys : Pinup pose 40

LumiPro : LumiPro V3.41

Heart Garden : Offsim Rocky Outcrop

meadowWorks : Perfect Prairie Curve 3

StudioSkye : Spring Flower Bolt on for Enchanted Forest