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Behind the most beautiful eyes, lay secrets deeper and darker than the mysterious sea. ~ yld

These Eyes

Last night I was putting together an outfit suitable for a free woman of GOR.  Turning my camera angle this way and that way to make sure things looked right I stopped and thought, this would make a good photo.

Something I have read in Luther’s Gorean Educational Scrolls concerning John Norman’s Books of Gor, is that the majority of women are free women, with about 2-3 % being slaves.  In Second Life Gorean roleplay I think free women make up 2-3 % of the female population, if that much.  Go figure 🙂

In the above photo I am dressed as a free woman of some means.  Again, dress codes differ from one area/city of Gor to the next, but for the most part free women in the larger cities of GOR are covered from head to toe when out in public. Next week expect to see the completed outfit. My intention is to return to GOR ever so often and learn as much as possible.  Of course Henry will escort me as I am not comfortable going it alone…yet.  In the meantime Luther’s website has been a wealth of information for me.  My goal is to get a hold of the books and read them.  There are like twenty-six volumes, and my understanding is that the books are out of print presenting another challenge, but I’ve always liked a good challenge lol.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

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