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A ‘Potager’ is the French term for an ornamental vegetable or kitchen garden. The design is rooted in the gardens of the French Renaissance and Baroque eras. Often flowers and herbs are planted with the vegetables for visual beauty, making this style of garden multi-functional and low maintenance.


Whilst perusing Pinterest one day I happened upon this style and totally fell in love. Could it be duplicated on Lost Horizon I wondered ? The above photo is of course an overview of the potager.  My goal was to keep it simple in design but still pleasing to the eye. Think Country-French. The rest of the photos, and there are many, are shot from different angles and areas of the potager. It’s a long read what with credits, but I hope you enjoy and maybe become inspired to create your own potager.


It’s no secret that I park my avatar in a chair, tub, on a sofa or in a swing while working on a blog post or chatting to friends. It was important to have an area set aside in the potager to sit and wile away the hours.


I am a firm believer in spending time outdoors with nature and what would nature be without the sounds of water bubbling, birds singing and bees buzzing about?


Here you will also find ducks and their ducklings, chicks, hens and a solitary rooster who thinks he rules the roost. Who am I to burst his bubble ?


Other residents of the potager include bunnies, a hedgehog, a hammie feasting on strawberries along with a mischievous little puppy digging holes trying to catch Mr. Mole.


The fragrance of roses, lavender, herbs and plain ole dirt with a hint of manure fills the air.  Everywhere one looks color abounds…a feast for the senses.


When planning the potager layout a priority was to make it so one could walk around the perimeter of the garden, which makes it easier to harvest the vegetables, herbs and flowers.


While separated by fencing and hedging it was important to incorporate the rear patio into the design to make it all flow effortlessly.  That was the goal anyway.


There are future plans to have tables set out for al fresco dining on the weekends, and the patio floor is intan ready now.  Look closely and you can see a hint of cougar fur peeking out from the hedges.  Kamama likes to take her naps there.


Now to the meat and potatoes of the potager.  There are a total of fifty-seven designers/creators represented in the potager.  Yep, 57, which is why I delayed in blogging this lol.  I am not going to list credits by photo.  Instead each designer/creator will be listed and what was used.  If something peaks your interest just IM me or better yet stop by and see  the potager in person.  Lost Horizon is open every Thursday from 6PM SLT to Sunday 6 AM SLT.  We’ll be waiting for you.  Be kind to one another. TWMA♥

I would like to thank the following designers/creators:

8f8 : New Beginnings Gacha Bunny & Chicks, Chicks, Rose Bucket, First Swim, Chicken Coop, Hen Spot, Wheelbarrow Available @ The Arcade Gacha March 2016 Round

Green Grocers Gacha Hand Cart, Market Cart Stand Former Arcade Gacha

Alouette : Basil Plant, Basil Seedlings, Eggshell Seedlings, Pansy Planter, Potted Daisies

Atelier Visconti : Brise Red Roses Bucket

Apple Fall : Water Pump, Bluebell Fencing, Apiary Bee Hive, Mandrake Plant, Wild Thistles

[Aria] : Oolong Teacup Planter Succulent- Former Arcade Gacha. Potted Strawberries

Ariskea : Pot Pourri Ciboulette Former Arcade Gacha

Botanical : Boxwood Hedges, Wooden Arbor With Ivy

cinphul : Lavande (Gift)

Depoz : Small Potted Plant

dust bunny : Storybook Living Gacha Researchers Journal, Cake Tin Planter, Bakers’ Boy Farthing, Lavender Tin  Available @ The Arcade Gacha March 2016 Round. Garden Wheelbarrow, Robins Nest Natural, Fairy House Blue All Former Arcade Gacha. Amy’s Memorial Garden(Gift)

dust bunny & O.M.E.N : Hammies Gacha Hungry Hammie Available @ The Arcade Gacha March 2016 Round

dust bunny & tenshi : Step Ladder, Pumpkin Ladder, Pumpkin Crate Former Arcade Gacha

Dutchie : Lavender

Dreamscapes : Flowerport 5, Flower Trug Hydrangea, Gardener Flower Trug

Dysfunctionality : Lil’ Garden Plot Cabbage Plants, Zucchini Plants, Yellow Squash Plants, Potato Plants, Corn Plants, Tomato Plants, Pepper Plants, Pumpkin Plants, Watermelon Plants, Strawberry Plants.  Strawberry Totem, New Onion Garden Plot, New Carrot Garden Plot, Rose Bush, Sunflowers

Finishing Touches : Stone Tile Sun/Moon Face

floorplan : le lait Milk Can, Bowl Of Petunias

Funky Junk : Little Bird Cottage Blue, Little Bird Cottage Yellow

+Half-Deer+ : Sleepy Italian Greyhound

Hanaya : Victorian Obelisk Trellis

HPMD : Sitting Rabbit White L, Standing Rabbit Brown L, Little Birds

[ht] hate this : Book – The Second gardener

Hayabusa Design : Tree For Flower f1aWT 52 & 53

Heart Garden Center : Summer Hanging Basket, Olive Tree, Mature Summer Oaks, Mature Wild Cherry Tree, Weeping Willow Tree, Wild Mountain Pine Tree,

ISPACHI : Garden Friends Gacha Paws & Pals RARE , Pokey  Former Arcade Gacha NLA

[keke] : Wallflower Lily, Zink Tray With Lily, Flower Chair RARE, Zink Tray With Paperwhites, Tea Tin Sprout Available @ The Arcade Gacha  March 2016 Round, Oil Can With Flowers

La Galleria : Engleman Daisies In Barrel Planter, Pink Chives In Barrel Planter, Violet In Pot, Daisy In A Bottle

LISP : Busy Bee Lantern Bee On Hook

*Lode* : Rose Vintage Bucket

meadowWorks : Lazy Rabbits, Garden Stone, Ancient Astrolabe Ornament

Mon Cheri : Last Summer Days Gacha Wildflowers Yellow & Pink Former Arcade Gacha

Morgan Sim Designs : Cottage Garden Strip 43 NLA

Organica : Field Of Flowers White Daisies

Pixel Mode : THG Gacha Seedling Former Arcade Gacha

Plaaka : Rhubarb Coldframe, Rhubarb Basket, Rhubarb, Garden Toolbox

Ravensong : Eyeglasses

R(S)W : Flowerpot Birdbath, Birdhouse Sunshine, Railing Quilt Butterfly

Sari-Sari : Spring Backyard Gacha Tub of Oregano, Repurposed Rake, Seed Packets RARE, Garden Journal RARE, Tools Basket Available @ The Arcade Gacha Event March 2016 Round, Vertical Herb Garden

.:SHD:. : Bird Feeder Standing Round Red

Shutterfield : Country Bucket Of Flowers Silver & Spring, Barrel Planter Dark

Spargel & Shine : Shabby Pitcher With Baby Roses

Thaino : Basket Of Red R$oses

The Dreamer Creations : Beach Chair, Patio Table

The Domineaux Effect : Stuffed Bee

The Little Branch : Wall Butterfly (Gift), Peach Tree

The Loft : Single Candle Lantern Black

The Muses : Nodding Violet , Wild Thyme , Oxlips

Thistlewick Designs : Pot People NLA

tb- (Tres Blah) : Tin With Flowers Former Arcade Gacha

Trompe Loeil : Valiano Lounger, Bistro Table, Bistro Chair

T-Spot : Mesh Primrose Red

Watermoon Breeze : Big Brass Mood Windchime

[we’re CLOSED] : Raven Flock, Grass Field Lush

[WaM] What a Mesh : Flower 3, Crocus

What Next : White Bramley Porch Swing, Scarecrow, Laurel Cottage Kitchen Wine Decor

XED Design : Hanging Basket With Red Petunias

Zigana : Herbs 1-2-3-4, Plants 1-2-3-4 Former Arcade Gacha

Bless your heart if you made it to the end♥   ME?  Imma go open a bottle of wine now and get a tad tipsy.  Me thinks I deserve more than my two glass limit 😛