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Music to me is like breathing – I don’t get tired of breathing, I don’t get tired of music. ~ Ray Charles

Music Room1b

For your listening pleasure, my favorite Ray Charles song.

Music being such an integral part of my life, it was a given that the music room would be the first interior space decorated at Lost Horizon.  Looking around once done, the end result far exceeded my initial vision.  Be Kind to one another. TWMA♥

Music Room4b

Without music life would B flat. ~ found on Pinterest, author unknown

Music Room5b

I would like to thank :

Photo 1

La Galleria : Ebony Isfahan Oriental Rug Mesh

The Loft : Noteworthy Wall Candle, Cosalare Hurricane ‘Gold’

Port Royal Designs : Polished Wooden Music Stand

Nomad : Cello (gacha)

Apple Fall : Plantation Dining Chair, Blank Frame, Calla Lillies, Plantation Stove Hood, Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace * Please Note*  Clifton Fireplace and Plantation Stove Hood have been modified extensively. Thank you the inspiration Hap!

Soy : Potted Pothos

LISP : Persimmon Grand Piano & Stool ‘Noir’, Portland Fire Accessories

Flo Market Musical Instruments : Mandolin

What Next : Norwegian Wood Guitar

Guitar Lab : I Prim Guitar Stand

[No Concept] : Musical Note Wall Rack

Mesh Plants : Single Red Rose

maikel86 Adamski : Phantom Of The Opera Mask

Mesh Nation : Full Perm Louisa Candle Chandelier

Dutchie : Antique Mirror

Fancy Decor : Candle w/shade, Inlaid Box

Dust Bunny : Firewood Basket ‘As The Leaves Turn’ Former Arcade Gacha

Photo 2

Sparked by You : Music Wall Decal

Apple Fall : Joanne Crystal Lamp, Fairfax Chair, Roses Jug ( Dolly Gacha), Blank Frame

erratic : tea rose ‘An English Afternoon ‘ Former Arcade Gacha

Fancy Decor : Black Hall Table

Artisan Fantasy : Origami Butterfly Trio ‘ In Store Gacha’

Floorplan : Music Box ‘Canon’ Former Arcade Gacha

Photo 3 

drd : Phantom Conductor  ‘Phantom’s Lair Gacha’

[No Concept] : Musical Note Pendant

Apple Fall : Card Catalog ‘black’,  Blank Frame

David Heather : Ballerina Music Box  ‘Vintage Style’ Former Arcade Gacha

Madpea : Cursed Collection ‘Violin’ Former Tag Gacha

Fancy Decor : Gold Candlestick