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A reader lives a thousand lives before he/she dies.  The man/woman who never reads lives only one. ~ George RR Martin


It’s called reading.  It’s how people install new software into their brains. ~ found on Pinterest, author unknown


Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book. ~ Jane Smiley


I’ve loved reading from a very young age.  The library at Lost Horizon is filled with wall to wall books that also overflow into other rooms. Nothing like a good read, especially when curled up on a chaise or favorite chair in the winter with the warmth of a fire nearby, or out on the front porch during the summer, lounging on a swing with a good book and the sound of nature’s music softly playing. Ah, pure bliss. Happy reading! Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank :

Photo 1

Dutchie : Library (used on all walls)

Apple Fall : Verdant Oil Painting, Venetian Oil In Gilt Frame Portrait, Beam Grandfather Clock, Venetian Oil In Gilt Frame Landscape, Banana Tree

La Galleria : Ebony Isfahan Oriental Rug, Antique Copper Planter

Fancy Decor : Floor Globe ‘Black’

meadowWorks : Hope, a Fragment Statue

Alouette : Roustic Wall Scone

Mesh Nation : Louisa Candle Chandelier (market Place link to buy)

The Loft : Log Storage Rack

[NO CONCEPT] : Antique Key

LISP : Kepler Telescope

Photo 2

Dutchie : Maledom Chair 2.0, Mesh Leather Poof ‘Chocolate’, free newspaper, Standing Library Lamp, Chinese Vase ‘River’, Side Table, Cast Iron Fireplace

Apple Fall : Still Life Observation, Leather Moccasins

Second Spaces : Cigar Rotary and Ashtray

Special Moments : Deluxe Drink Tray modified

Nomad : Classical Bust (from Gacha)

Doceo Avedon : Muddy’s Radio (can be picked up at Muddy’s Music Cafe for free)

La Galleria : Antique Book Open

Revival : Book Pile 1, Book Pile 2

Photo 3

Fancy Decor : Brass Hour Glass, Metal Hour Glass,

La Galleria : Round Gold Painted Box

{vespertine} : Golden Hand, Mechanical Flower (both from gacha) sim is under construction so may be down

Pixel Mode : Books, Magnifier, Desk Clock (all from Writer’s Room Gacha)

Apple Fall : Carriage Clock, Pug Ceramic Decor, Amelie Magnifiers (Madpea Hunt Gift)