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When a butterfly lands in your hand, some people make the mistake of pretending that they don’t care. That they don’t see the beauty that’s there.  So, they open their hand and the butterfly flies away because it sees that there’s no reason to be there.

HumpDay1bAnother type of person, when the butterfly lands, is so terrified of that beautiful thing leaving their lives that they cover it up and the butterfly either gets squashed or it tries to find an escape route and leave.

The third type of person, the one who really understands it, is the one who puts their hand up to shield the butterfly from the wind.  The butterfly then sees the value in staying and that’s what it is to have a wonderful relationship. ~ Matthew Hussey


By now those that stop by here (especially on Wednesdays) and have a look see will usually find me in various states of undress.  You see, I have this weakness for pretty lingerie and if the lingerie has lace detailing  it has to have a place of honor in my closet. Simple as that.

The Tonya Corset Set by aisling is available at The Vintage Fair thru June 26th.  It comes complete with panties and pasties, and while I prefer to flash my puppies the pasties were hard to pass up for this shoot.   There are three sets offered and with so many options in the texture HUD it might make you giddy with delight. It did me. You will find your vintage ride below.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Maitreya : Mesh Body ‘Lara’

Amara Beauty/Zoul Creations : Gabriela Skintone ’06 Caramel’, Eyebrow Set ’05 Black’, Kristy Eyeshadow ‘Smokey 02’

D!va : Ange ‘Onyx’

EarthStones : Caged Pearls ‘Choker, Princess & Long Necklaces, Drop Earrings’

Yummy : Single Daisy Ring ‘Pink’  Former Arcade Gacha

Lode : Wild Roses Butterfly ‘Orange’  Wild Roses Gacha available @ Chapter Four thru June 21st

aisling : Tonya ‘Patterns Set’ available @ The Vintage Fair thru June 26th

Blacklace : Lace Stockings ‘Omega Applier’

Manifeste The Art of Posing : Model 159 NLA

LumiPro : LumiPro 2016 HUD

*Photographed at ~ Lost Horizon, Azumi