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From the second that you’re in this world,

They tell you what is “fair”,

The questions you’re allowed to ask,

And the ones you wouldn’t dare.

Placed on the path they’ve paved for you,

Life pushes you along,

Without the chance to stop and think,

If it’s right where you belong.

But beyond your pathway’s edges,

Is where living really starts,

A land of risks and dangers,

And a land of broken hearts.


They’ll tell you you should fear this land,

That there’s no good there at all,

As they live their lives as they’ve been taught,

Behind expectation’s wall.

But the best people you will ever meet,

Have wandered off their track,

Found themselves along the way,

And have no need to wander back.

So forget about life’s road map,

Follow your heart at any cost,

For you’ll never truly find yourself,

If you’re too scared to get lost.


Be kind to one another and always follow your heart, no matter the cost…No matter the cost.  TWMA♥

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