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Mother Nature has the best box of crayons. ~ author unknown








Lost Horizon was always meant to be a place where Spring/Summer never ended. That all changed on a fateful photography shoot to Calas Galadhon that got my inspiration juices flowing and longing for the reds, golds, yellows and browns of autumn that just would not be denied.  So I found myself investing in season changing trees, instead of shoes and one day I just dug right in and started.  I pulled up every shrub and tree in the meadow, forest, landing point and around the main house. I planted, modified, edited, deleted and planted some more until I was satisfied with the over all effect.

While I have used several creators designs, Heart Garden Center’s alder, maple, pine and oak trees figure predominately in Lost Horizon’s landscape, along with a large plant/flower selection. Oh! and let’s not forget the weeping willows.   Lost Horizon will be closed the month of December so I can complete the rest of the landscape renovation to the oak forest and landing point entrance.  Stay tuned as there is much more newness to come!  Be kind to one another. TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Heart Garden Center : WILDWOOD Alder Trees Season Changing, WILDWOOD Ancient Maple Trees Season Changing, WILDWOOD Giant Oak Trees Season Changing, WILDWOOD Giant Pine Trees Season Changing, WILDWOOD Mountain Pines Season Changing, Wild Great Oaks Season Changing, Wild Tall Oaks Season Changing, Weeping Willow Trees, Wild Flowers Ox Eye Daisy, Hollyhocks, Aubretia Flower Patches, Tulips, Petunias, Campion, Autumn Ground Textures

Trompe Loeil : The Dreaming House, Eloise Conservatory

Botanical : Seasonal Boxwood Bushes, Seasonal Boxwood Hedges & Arches, Fallen Leaves, Grapevine Trellis

Apple Fall : Bluebell Fencing, Un Salon de Jardin

Little Branch : Peach Tree

Hanaya : Forest Clearing Gazebo :

3rd Eye Perceptions : Elderwood Dren

we’re Closed: Old Well, Boulders

Frog’s Garden : Ivy

Mesh Plants : Climbing Roses Pink

Redgrave Homes & Interiors : Greystone Mansion

Y.B : Sim Surround Landscape ‘Dolin’