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Change isn’t just one thing, just one time, just one big revelation.  Change occurs in stages, and phases, which each add depth, color, character, and create a multidimensional, multifaceted you. ~ Doe Zantamata


The Summer Greenhouse at Lost Horizon, Azumi.

Early on in our relationship Henry treated me to a tour of his region that had the most magnificent greenhouse/conservatory I had seen.  While that region no longer exists I have always had the desire to create something along the same lines at Lost Horizon.  I looked high and low for just the right build, finally settling on Cheeky Peas Summer Greenhouse. The size was right and the overall look was just about near perfect to what I had in mind.

My vision includes a fountain situated in the middle as the focal point, with several areas for couples to sit, cuddle, dine and dance.  Of course there must be a multitude of plants and flowers everywhere, along with the sound of birds happily chirping away.

The landscaping surrounding the build is complete for the most part.  The fountain is in place and I have pulled out every potted plant and flower from my stash.  Therein lies a problem though.  It seems some of the plants and flowers are shy and pull a disappearing act when placed inside the build. I haven’t quite figured out a solution yet. But I will.

For those that are going to be out and about, do have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve. I am staying home all tucked in on my favorite chaise next to the fireplace staying warm, reading a good book and drinking my favorite wine. Or, I might just pop into SL and dig in pixel dirt.  Happy New Year and remember to be kind to everyone.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Cheeky Pea : Summer Greenhouse

Boudoir : Climbing Roses from Summer Greenhouse

Keke : Wild Lilies from ‘The Forest’, Glitter Floor

anc. : Mist Cloud ‘Heavenly Blue’

we’re closed : Grass Field ‘Lush’

Fanatik Architecture : Stoned, Real Rocks & Tree Stumps

Y.B : Sim Surround Landscape ‘Dolina’

Heart Garden Center : Petunias, Campion, Aubretia, Hollyhocks, OxEye Daisies, Tulips & Mesh Boulder, Lush Forest Undergrowth ‘Clover’, Giant Forest Oaks ‘Season Changing’, Ancient Maples ‘Season Changing’