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My life has changed, and I’m changing with it. ~ Sophie Kinsella


Photographed at Lost Horizon, Azumi.  Cougar is wearing ~ Argrace, .BF., Izzie’s, EarthStones, Kunglers, Lavian&Co, erratic, Baiastice

Change can be a good thing…maybe.  If you speak to those close to me they would tell you that I don’t adjust well to change.  To be honest though I think I am just more cautious, carefully weighing the pros and cons before I embrace change.  For instance take mesh heads…

While I did try many demos I never bought into wearing one.   You could personalize to a certain extent with skins and makeup but I never found one that felt even remotely like me.  I have invested in a bento mesh head and have even worn it out once.   It still needs tweaking so there are no plans to wear it again in the near future.  The myriad of facial animations available do not interest me in the least as I am only interested in the ability to close my eyes and maybe smile. While my opinion may change, at this point I just don’t find a wink along with my tongue hanging out appearing to clean my nose to be particularly attractive. I am however looking forward to bento hands.

My body itself is going through change too.  While most women seem to have their babies in a matter of weeks here in SL I have opted to embrace the nine months just like 1st. I have had my first doctors appointment and can report that everything is as it should be. I’ve been working on making a shape for each month, and I have discovered my mesh body can accept a pregnant shape up to a certain point before it starts to look like a cone head belly lol.  A separate add-on baby bump is not to my liking as it’s not fitted for my mesh body and then you have to match it to your skin.  I will just opt to be very fit and have a baby bump to match.

With the advent of fitted mesh one also does not have to worry about special clothing. A word of caution though…Not all fitted mesh lends itself well to a pregnancy shape. One has to be careful of the style and placement of folds/wrinkles as they tend to deform badly on a pregnant lady.  I have been diligently working through my closet adding an asterisk at the end of folders that work well with a baby bump and feel that I have a solid collection that is versatile and will carry me through up to delivery.  Over the coming months I hope to find more designs that are of classic styling and enhance a baby bump to boot as in the photo above. I am not giving up my shopping 🙂  My advice is to DEMO, DEMO, DEMO. In the meantime be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

ARC: 56,502

Maitreya : Mesh Body ‘Lara’

Amara Beauty/Zoul Creations : Gabriela skintone ’06 Caramel’, Eyebrow Set ’05 Black’, Kristy Eyeshadow ‘Smokey 01’

Argrace : KOKORO ‘Black’

.BF. : Danny Choker ‘Gold’ available @ FaMESHed thru January 27th, Niq Set ‘Gold’

Izzie’s : Letter Heart Necklace

Lavian&Co : Coastal 1 NLA

Kunglers : Artemis Bracelet ‘Mixed Metals’ Group Gift

EarthStones : Celtic Claddagh Ring, Simply Yours Bridal Set ‘Platinum’

erratic : Melissa Leggings ‘Darks’

Baiastice : Strass Pumps Leather ‘Sunset’

La Boheme : Mani/Pedi ‘French Soft’

Yuyoo Tattoo : Lyrical Feet applier

Body Language : Coastline 08m

LumiPro : LumiPro 2017 HUD