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A grand adventure is about to begin. ~ Winnie The Pooh

If I am thinking correctly, said Pooh, a new baby is probably, undoubtedly, the grandest gift that could ever be.  ~ Winnie The Pooh

We will be friends forever.  Just you wait and see. ~ Winnie The Pooh

Two months to go before the twins make their debut.  Names have been chosen and the nursery is now complete.  I did my best, held back and kept the nursery uncluttered. Henry will be proud lol.  Nothing to do now but put my feet up and play the waiting game.  Or…Maybe I’ll do a bit a gardening.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

*It wasn’t until I turned on Advanced Lighting and Shadows to take the photographs that the shadows showed up on everything.  For the life of me I could not figure out what was causing them. But I liked the effect and so decided to go ahead and photograph as is.

I would like to thank:

Snuggle Baby : Le Blanc Nursery Crib

Apple Fall : Nellie the Ele, Shauna’s Chair, Bushmead Railing ‘Gate’, Blossom Wreath, Baby Changer modified, Lotions, Oxford Wingback Chair

The Hive : Guilty Pleasures Hutch and End Table

Half-Deer : Vintage Distressed Frames

What Next : House Plants and House Plants 2

Noodles : Books to Mermaids, Books to Flying Free, Books to Wonderland, Books to Believing, Books to Imagination, Books to Dreaming Former Arcade Gacha

Ispachi : Emerson Rocking Chair, Floor Lamp NLA

Dirty Princess : High Society Princess Mesh Drapes modified

Fancy Decor : Metallic Chandelier, Crystal Sconce

Kalopsia : Bunny Foofoo ‘sitting White & Brown’, Spinning Top Red, Silver Rocking Horse, Puddle Duck ‘White’

Dutchie : Books

HPMD : Stuffed Pirate Rabbit past gacha

HANDverk : Carousel Horse ‘Unicorn’ Former Arcade Gacha

Figment : Tinks Cage-Brass NLA

Medieval Fantasy : Antique Rocking Horse

Boogers : Henry Bear Former Arcade Gacha

Bad Seed : Neverland Books, Firefly Jar Neverland Nursery Gacha

Floorplan : Music box ‘lullabye’ Former Arcade Gacha

R(S)W : Story Bookend, Dragonfly Dragon, Open Book ‘King Arthur’, Books

keke : Spring Sprout 2

!Ohmai : Bumble Bee Fairy Terrarium Former Arcade Gacha

O.M.E.N : My Fairytale ‘Cinderella’ Former Arcade Gacha

The Forge : Celestial Mobile ‘Gold’ Gacha 

Second Spaces : Lovely Sideboard ‘white shabby’

La Galleria : Shag White Rug

revival : Candle Bag Linen modified

CJ Creations : Rose Arrangement ‘Cream’ modified

Compulsion : Complete Flower Set

Enigma Babies : Universal Diaper Basket