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Create your own secret place.  A place your soul can just “be”.  Make it a beautiful reflection of you.

When planting the garden at Le Lac Des Cygnes I was mindful of using season changing trees.  The rest of the spring/summer plantings would be easy to change to fall, or so I thought.  You would think that after pulling up the plants and getting everything ready for fall would make me happy…NEWP.  The place looked rather depressing to my way of thinking, but Henry likes to see the changing of the seasons.  Imagine my surprise when he logged in one day, took a look around and stated matter of fact, “You might not like this, but I prefer Swan Lake the other way”.   Once he left I was happy to change it back.  So Le Lac Des Cygnes will remain in perpetual spring/summer season.  We don’t mind one bit.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥