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There are many wonderful places in the world.  My favorite is on the back of my horse.

Photographed at The Mill

I’ve made several copies of my Water Horses using different textures and naming each one.  Surely I am not the only one who does this?  Cherokee made a friend recently and I named him Monty the Monarch butterfly.    You need to get this butterfly by Lizzy’s guys.  It’s so cute the way it lands on Cherokee’s nose, then Cherokee will snort, and as if on cue Monty takes flight and flies around before landing again.  I’ve included a GIF here.

Cherokee and I visited a beautiful little region last Sunday afternoon called The Mill.  As the name implies you will find several mills scattered throughout the area. The paths are easy to navigate and the landscaping reminds me of many European countrysides I’ve seen in photographs.  Many places here to sit and cuddle with your special someone, or to sit alone and just clear your mind.  I do recommend that you give The Mill a visit just for the peaceful feeling it gives.  We need more of these in Second Life.  And keep in mind that a place to ride your horse does not have to be a large collection of regions.  While I frequent those often, there is something to be said for the smaller more intimate ones.

I also want to mention etiquette when visiting any region.  Please, please, please read the covenant or the information card if available.   Do not harass the residents.  They pay good money to at least have some semblance of privacy to live there, especially if it is a residential region.  If you are able, and there is one available, do tip the venue.  Creating these beautiful builds are not free by any means.  It’s just good manners people.

The response to my last post has been positive, and I want to take a moment and thank everyone that has contacted me.  Rest assured I will continue to explore the grid and include a landmark to the places I ride at. You get out there and explore on the back of your horse now, ya hear.  Remember to be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Complexity as shown: 100,342

Water Horse : Western Quarter Horse

The Painted Pony : Frosty Breath Particle Emitter, ‘Surfer Dude’ Chincoteague Stallion Limited Edition Coat Available exclusively at the August 2017 WH Fair.  Limited Edition base coat (Markings included on base layer), mane & tail textures and blue flecked eye texture.

The Texture Barn : Appaloosa Markings, Dark Show Western Tack Textures

Lizzy’s : WHRH Butterfly Add-on ‘Orange’

On Cougar

Maitreya : Mesh Body ‘Lara’

Catwa : Bento Mesh Head ‘Catya’

Amara Beauty : Rebecca Skintone 08 For Catwa

LeLutka : VIBRATO ‘IronHotcake’

Tres Blah : Olsen Sweatshirt

Izzie’s : Twinnie Jegging Appliers

ISON : Leather Knee Boots