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She’s the kind of woman you lose while chasing others, and spend a lifetime trying to find a replacement.

While I haven’t posted here on my blog, I have posted a few things on flickr. Since my last post here I had somewhat of a relapse due the the China Virus. I am recovering and beginning to feel like my old self again, but dang, was I ever fatigued!

I was finally able to see the doctor concerning my hands and come to find out it was not carpal tunnel, nor arthritis. It had to do with trigger finger and severe inflammation. The orthopedic specialist gave me a good once over and then did a round of steroid shots in both hands. Not one shot, but multiples bilateral. Hurt like a mother! I should be good to go indefinitely, but if I have a flare up I now know to call when the symptoms first appear. I can’t believe the difference it has made. I no longer ask for help to open things and I can do intricate movements with my fingers now.

Okay enough of my health problems. Let’s get back to all things Second Life.

I recently stopped by the Black Fair and picked up this gown by AZUL. It has that understated elegance that I love so well. Of course, I fat packed it. Then I went to Franks Elite Jazz and took a few shots. The ambience made for a most enjoyable photography shoot.

Be kind to one another. Till we meet again♥

What is she wearing?

For mesh body, head, and accessories please see My Favorite Things

Amacci: Rina Hair

Lazuri: MissVirtualWorld 2013 Empress Josephine Tiara Small

Earthstones: Dallas Diamond Set

Beauty Factory: Niq Necklace NLA

AvaWay: Krystal Ring

Ysoral: Luxe Ring Sibylle

AZUL: Antje Gown