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Kentucky bluebird

I heard your song today

But when I try to touch you

You fly away. ~

Keith Whitley

Kentucky Bluebird written and sung by Keith Whitley

Photographed at Little Swan Lake

My father was a huge Keith Whitley fan. I mean HUGE. I’ve met just one other person in my life who loves Keith Whitley as much as my father did. When Keith’s album Kentucky Bluebird debuted, my father couldn’t get his hands on it fast enough. He would play the title song over and over and say to me, “Bug (That was his nickname for me. It’s pronounced Boog-like in booger without the er), You will always be my Kentucky Bluebird. Don’t ever forget that.”

On June 2, 1998, my mother’s birthday, a drunk driver crossed the center line and hit my father’s truck head-on. My father was pronounced dead at the scene. The drunk driver walked away with minor injuries.

I still remember daddy. I will always remember. Be kind to one another. Till we meet again♥

All the lovely details:

For information on mesh body, bento mesh head, and their respective accessories please visit My Favorite Things.

Truth Hair: Bunny, Margarita flowers

Kunglers: Euridice Necklace

Cae Jewelry: Simplicity Pearl Earrings

JustBecause: Vespera Gown

LW ( LuanesWorld): Butterfly Dreams Changes 1m

HPMD: Little Bird In Forest

Home & Garden

I would like to thank the following creators for which Little Swan Lake would not exist if not for them: Heart Garden Center, Jian, Konoha, HPMD, Botanical, Studio-Skye, KIDD Creation