Photographed at Little Swan Lake

Back in what, 2019 PurpleMoon closed its doors? I was saddened to hear the news, but something made me keep my group. Every time I put on a PurpleMoon outfit, I thought of Poulet and how she was getting on in 1st. How she must be enjoying her time with that precious little girl, the main reason for her leaving Second Life. I can understand that. I still missed her and her creations, though.

Just lately, the group has been waking up with little teasers of something coming for the holidays. So I smiled to myself and thought, “Oh, maybe Poulet is making a holiday outfit for the remaining group members, and wouldn’t that be wonderful?” Well, it seems she has a whole 24 days advent calendar for group members. In addition, there is some event venue that will be the backdrop for holiday outfits from PurpleMoon planned. I am just over the PurpleMoon, so to speak.

No further information has been given out yet. But something extraordinary this way comes. I just feel it. Go join the PurpleMoon Creations Group and be a part of PurpleMoon history. Let’s welcome Poulet back to Second Life in style.

In honor of this holiday release, I intend to blog a few PurpleMoon creations I still wear. Well, it’s not a few pieces, but you get my drift. Smiles. This first creation was a holiday group gift back in 2014. I repeat 2014. Arwen still stands the test of time.

Be kind to one another. Till we meet again ♥

This is taken from the official group notice