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This is the part of my life where I silently remove myself from anyone who hurts me more than they love me, drains me more than they replenish me, brings me more stress than they do peace, and tries to stunt my growth rather than clap for it. I think that I’ve done more than enough talking and trying to make things work with certain people…I’m done.

Almost Doesn’t Count ~ Brandy

Today I am showcasing another blast from the past PurpleMoon Creation, the Velvet Dress. Velvet is so rich and luxurious, and I’ve always admired the heat embossed pattern around the bottom of the skirt. PurpleMoon is returning to the grid for this holiday season, and I am so excited. Stay tuned for more information.

Be kind to one another. Till we meet again♥

What is she wearing?

For information regarding bento mesh body, bento mesh head, and their respective accessories, please see My Favorite Things.

PurpleMoon: Velvet Dress NLA

Doux: JLOW

BAX: Prestige 2 Boots

Cae: Interlaced Collar with No9 collar scripts

Beauty Factory: Niq necklace NLA

Amias: Danika Rings Common, RARE, ULTRARARE NLA

EarthStones: Celtic Claddagh Ring

* Photographed at Une Belle Vie (A Beautiful Life), Little Swan Lake, Cougar’s Private Residence