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Alone she built a world of her own, and it is glorious.

It’s no secret that I love digging in pixel dirt. The creative aspect of Second Life is what keeps me coming back day after day. Those very close to me know that I am not a fan of winter. I believe this is only the second time I have dressed Little Swan Lake in winter finery in over eleven years. I make no bones about loving warm weather, so it came as a surprise to me that I would even consider laying down snow. But I did, and I love what I have created. Unfortunately, though, I can assure you it will not last much longer. Little Swan Lake will revert back to Spring/Summer right before New Years Day and remain that way until Fall of 2022.

Little Swan Lake will continue to evolve. I am working on a continuing backstory and will publish that soonish. It gives the region more depth and intertwines my actual Second Life into the story. Stay tuned.

Be kind to one another. Till we meet again♥

What is she wearing?

For information regarding bento mesh body, bento mesh head, and their respective accessories, please see My Favorite Things.

NO.MATCH: No Candy

Giz Seorn: Vixie Skater Sweater and Skirt purchased separately

Izzie’s: Basic Tights BOM, Basic Fluffly Gloves applier

Adagio Designs: Ice Skates

Nantra: Play Misty For Me pose 4M