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You are the artist of your own life. Don’t hand the paintbrush to anyone else.

I spent Christmas Day night and the next day converting Little Swan Lake back to Spring/Summer. I warned ya. In the process of taking everything up and storing it all in my inventory storage facility, I remembered I had a covered bridge. I thought to myself, “I wonder,” and so began the process of updating Little Swan Lake.

There are a great many covered bridges in the state of Indiana. In fact, there are 98. Not as many as some states can boast, but Indiana can boast that it holds the record for the most covered bridges in a single county. Parke County has thirty-two and has a covered bridge festival every year. Just thought to throw that in here. Smiles.

The build is by What Next and called the Kissing Bridge. There are two styles included, one being snow-covered for winter. I will be using it next winter for sure. The bridge is equipped with three texture choices. I chose the unpainted wood. Lights, ramps, and a sign are included. A texture to make your own lettering for the sign is included too.

Modifying the build was simple. I just went into the edit menu and enlarged the bridge to fit over the stream. Only the oak trees and cattails had to be moved just a smidge. Standing back admiring my handiwork, it screamed, “take a picture.” So, I did.

The bridge appears as if it has always been there on Little Swan Lake. It is things like this that will keep the region fresh for visitors. Do stop by for a visit. Little Swan Lake is open to the public 24/7. Pay no attention to the woman happily digging in pixel dirt. It’s just me having the time of my life.

Be kind to one another. Till we meet again♥

Creators used in the development of Little Swan Lake

What Next: Kissing Bridge

Heart Garden Center: Willow, Birch, Pine, Oak Trees,

Botanical: Grapevines

Little Branch: Cherry Trees

HPMD: Grass

KIDD Creation: Cattails

Studio-Skye: Rocks/Boulders

LOVE: Real Pond Weed

YB Landscapes: Region Surround