Seeds Of Inspiration


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You will never grow to your fullest potential unless you plant seeds of joy, love, fullfillment, hope and success.  Nature can only return to you what you plant. ~ Authour Unknown

Plant a seed1bb

Photographed at – Petit Lac Des Cygnes

While I love to shop for the latest clothing designs in Second Life, I am happiest when digging in pixel dirt.  Just like in 1st it’s very relaxing for me.  This little potting/planting area stands just off the potager behind Le Petit Cafe Cygne.  I can’t remember not ever having a garden in 2nd Life, and as long as I continue on here, there will always be one.  For me, it gives a sense of realism in this virtual world.  Plant your own seeds of inspiration and watch them multiply tenfold.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

8f8: Sink Primavera in Toscana gacha

BarbieLuxurious: Old Tin Watering Can

Cheeky Pea: Tin Can Herbs Rosemary, Parsley, Chives, Thyme from a Gacha

Alouette: Basil Plant, Basil Seedlings

YumYum: Empty Bowl, Water Bowl

Apple Fall: Potting Shed Book, Un Salon de Jardin, Province Dining Table

Dahlia: Garden Fork, Garden Spade, Seed Packets from Summer Strawberry Collection

Zigana: Herbs4, Herbs3, Herbs1 from Pots and Plants Gacha Can only be found on MP or try your luck at Gacha Shops

Sari-Sari: Seed Packet RARE, Garden Journal, Tools Basket from Spring Backyard Gacha, Seed Packets from Mrs. Bumpkins Garden Gacha

Loft & Aria: Myna Strawberry Pot

Depoz: Seed Packets

Lode Decor: Mediterranean Pepper Red



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My, it’s been a while since I posted anything here!  First has been rather busy, and I’ve barely managed to post on Flickr.  Now that my life has calmed down somewhat I feel more time can be devoted to actually blogging.

I’ve been playing around in PicMonkey.  They recently had a significant upgrade to their photo editing software and I’ve been experimenting with all the new bells and whistles, creating a new watermark in the process.  I’ve started to develop my own windlights for photos as well.  I never tire of learning something new.

I’m wearing Erratic today which happens to be a personal favorite in lingerie.  This is not a new set but still remains current.  Stockings, garter belt, and a thong panty are also included in the collection.  You get a lot of bang for your lindens here. Well?  What are you waiting for?  GO!

Have a great week and remember… Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Maitreya: Mesh Body Lara

Catwa: MeshBento Head Catya v3.2

Amara Beauty: Rebecca Skintone 07 for Catwa

Shape: Custom made by me

IKON: Mesh Hope Eyes Denim

Studio Exposure: Lory Hairbase and Ponytail for Catwa

IDTTY Faces: Hot Lipstick Pack 1

Euphoric: Smokey Eyeshadow Mihrimah Series

Cae: Simplicity Pearl Earrings Studs

Erratic: Lily Overt Panty and Bra Lilac for Maitreya

Amias: Danika RARE Ring index1, Danika ULTRA RARE Ring index3 from a Gacha

LilyPily: Cougar Amulet Ring  No Longer In World

La Boheme: Mani/Pedi French Soft

LumiPro: LumiPro 18

Body Language: Cape 02m Pose