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When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand.  The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.  ~Henri Nouwen

This is the second part of Strawberry’s Singh’s Blog Challenge this week.  Topic: Blog about One of Your Closest Friends in Second Life.

Before I begin…..Sis did you take your meds today?

Bumblebee and I knew each other before coming to Second Life.  You may have heard me mention YoVille a time or two in my blog? Bumblebee is one of the reasons I came to Second Life.  If not for her prodding, posting of pics on Facebook, and singing the praises of SL I would not be here..of this I am sure.

In the beginning I don’t think either one of us thought we would become as close as we have; but fate has a way of aligning the stars and bringing kindred spirits together. There is hardly a day that goes by that we don’t speak, even if it is just to goose one another 🙂 My SL would not shine as bright if I didn’t have my Bumblebee in it.

Plain and simple…I love this woman.

I love her for her uncanny ability to make me laugh. I can be myself around her and have no fear of being judged.  Her loyalty and support never waivers.  She listens to my hopes, my dreams and my secrets and loves me anyway.

We have seen each other through rough times; cried together, laughed together, shared joy in the good times, and heartache in the bad.  When forces would want to do harm to one, the other is there, ready and willing to defend without question. We know when something is wrong or out of sync for the other. Without being physically there we are there for one another…WE ARE JUST THERE FOR EACH OTHER.

Sis did you take your meds today ?

I could go on but it would be pure babble so I will leave you with a little tidbit of a conversation:

2013/10/09 19:46] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): soon as I get my pic done I will send you a copy
[2013/10/09 19:46] Wendz Tempest: kk
[2013/10/09 19:46] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): I am going to frame this one
[2013/10/09 19:46] Wendz Tempest: awww
[2013/10/09 19:46] Wendz Tempest: yeah i put here so i can put in my profile 😛
[2013/10/09 19:46] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): and, and, I am going to put this on my picks
[2013/10/09 19:47] Wendz Tempest: lololol
[2013/10/09 19:47] Wendz Tempest: are you squeeeeling
[2013/10/09 19:47] Wendz Tempest: err coz i am :/
[2013/10/09 19:47] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): I am !
[2013/10/09 19:48] Wendz Tempest: hahahah
[2013/10/09 19:48] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): this is gonna be a kind of long post…
[2013/10/09 19:51] Wendz Tempest: okay dont make me cry now
[2013/10/09 19:51] Wendz Tempest: the more i brainstorm the more i want to :
[2013/10/09 19:57] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): well sis I have to say what is in my heart, and you take up a good portion of it.’
[2013/10/09 19:57] Wendz Tempest: tissue?
[2013/10/09 20:01] Wendz Tempest: blows her nose
[2013/10/09 20:01] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): I have one thank you…sniffs
[2013/10/09 20:02] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): want to use mine ?
[2013/10/09 20:03] Wendz Tempest: no wayyy
[2013/10/09 20:03] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): I only blew 2 times
[2013/10/09 20:03] Wendz Tempest: its a sogging mess
[2013/10/09 20:03] Wendz Tempest: its green!
[2013/10/09 20:03] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): dies laughing
[2013/10/09 20:03] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): this is so going in the post brat
[2013/10/09 20:04] Wendz Tempest: Crud
[2013/10/09 20:04] Wendz Tempest: i’m tearing bad
[2013/10/09 20:04] Wendz Tempest: teearing not tearing like a butt crack
[2013/10/09 20:05] Wendz Tempest: wait dont put that butt crack thing!
[2013/10/09 20:05] Wendz Tempest: :O
[2013/10/09 20:05] Wendz Tempest: lmaoooo
[2013/10/09 20:07] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): I have it on record!
[2013/10/09 20:08] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): hugs you so tight
[2013/10/09 20:08] Cougar S. Strait (cougar.sangria): I love you sista!
[2013/10/09 20:10] Wendz Tempest: facepalms

She cracks me up!  and BTW, Sis did you take your meds today?  TWMA 🙂

What Wendz Is Wearing :

Elysium: Nella Shirtdress (Past TDRF)

Glam Affair: Isys Gem Ring

Happy Sing Earrings: Buzz the Bee Gacha Rare (Past Mes Brics a Bracs)

Candi Nail: Clear Glitter French

Tableau Vivant’s: Oh Hair (w.bangs) for FaMESHed

Glam Affair: Amelie Skin

Ikon: Lucid Eyes Exposure

Essences: Hangover #5 Eyeliner

Izzies: v1.03 Lashes

What Cougar Is Wearing :

Vanity Hair: Sunset Blvd v2 blacks

Lazuri: Touch of Stone Earrings

-tb-: Sequined Top Gold

NYU: Kimono Tie Leather Skirt Tan

Candi Nails: Clear Glitter French Pink

!bang: We Are Young Pose