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Through the Garden Gate

Through the Garden Gate

Last week Bumblebee sent me a landmark to The Beguiled, stating that I would be interested in seeing this region.  As I was already in the middle of photographing another destination I promised to visit soon.  Finishing up my shoot I thought, “why not” and headed over. Bumblebee was right,  this is has me written all over it.

I have read two posts related to The Beguiled since I visited. Every photograph is different; and since my photographs are different as well, I am sharing them in my first official post for the SL-Travel 52 Challenge.

Tea Time

Afternoon Tea Under the Bubble Tree

Jilla Lamar has done an outstanding job of landscaping. It reminds one of a Monet painting come to life. Taking some time to wander around the sim after finishing my photo session left me feeling peaceful that such beauty can be found in Second Life.

Unexpected Visitor

Unexpected Visitor

As I was setting up for this shot I noticed a little bird kept landing on the chair and then alight on the table. Such an unexpected and sweet touch I had to try to capture the moment.

I've Stepped Into A Photograph


I was moving my camera in all directions when I noticed the gazebo and thought Thomas Kinkade moment.

Color Every Where You Look

A Bit of Whimsy

There are whimsical figures scattered throughout the region, and areas with poses already set up for you to use in photographs but Jilla has gone one better.  The studio in the background of the above photo houses scenes already setup for your photography needs. Jilla has  also provided empty stalls where you can create your own scene, as you are able to rezz  your own props and poses.  I would suggest you make the studio your first stop as Jilla has set some ground rules.  I won’t give anything away but I think you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

The Little Mermaids

The Little Mermaids

Everywhere you look there is something to delight the eyes.  Jilla also has her art gallery setup here.  Her art work is amazing and some are very thought-provoking… and for sale.  HINT! HINT!

In Jilla’s own written words…Be Creative! Be Inspired!  Use your imagination!  TWMA 🙂 

If you would like to join the SL-Travel 52 Challenge head on over to PurplebutterflyLykin’s blog for the 411