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I need want someone who sees the fire in my eyes and wants to play with it ~ I.S.F.


Nothing protects the heart like patience.

Don’t get your hopes up too fast.

Don’t let your fears speak too loud.

Don’t give your doubts too much time.

Not everybody is built to handle the rough times.

Can’t be surprised when you fall off with certain people.

Few people understand what it really means to be there for somebody.

And that’s the roughest part about being on a journey,

you realize the main ones that said they’ll ride,

are the first to fall off.

People make promises when the sun is shining

and make excuses when the storm comes.

That’s why I am always thankful for the rain…

it washes away the unnecessary.

The reality is, you could be amazing, genuine, and sincere,

but still be overlooked.  Because honestly, people don’t

want something real anymore, they just want reasons

to complain and excuses to avoid.  Having a good thing

is so hard because meeting a strong person is so rare.

So I’ve learned to respect when people run from me,

I realize my kind of love ain’t for everyone.

I’m at peace with that.


I get many compliments on these boots when wearing them out. So glad I got the fatpack. I’ve had them for a couple three years now and still I haven’t come across any mesh that equals the detail. Maybe sometimes you just can’t improve on a good thing.

Today is Hump Day and I pulled out another set of system lingerie which, btw, will henceforth be called vintage on this blog.  I love vintage, especially when it is done well.

Wearing my favorite hair with cowgirl hat as well.  I am wishing for some long hair that falls down to my waist with a cowgirl hat, and has no hair hanging over the front, cause sometimes a gal wants to show off dem puppies ya know.  Well…at least I am not afraid to show em off, and if the men can show theirs, so can I 😛  Happy Hump Day!  Be kind to one another.  TWMA ♥

I want to thank:

Tuli Skins : Claire Radiance Bronze & makeup

Blacklace Beauty : Pout Gloss

*ARGRACE* : Cowboy hat/MINAMI black

Slink : AvEnhanced Casual Hands

::c.A.:: chocolate Atelier : Flora white bra and panties ( no longer available) but now carries appliers in other styles

Maitreya : Dahlia socks white

J’s : Western Boots Red

oOo Studio Poses : Cheesecake 5

LumiPro : Used for pinpoint lighting

Home & Garden:

Botanical : T2C Linden & Aspen Trees

Heart Garden: Aspen & Wild Mountain Pine Trees

HPMD (Happy Mood) : Dirt road brown, sweet garden grass 07

[we’re closed] : Grass field lush, old well

[DDD] Dysfunctional Designs : Chicken Coop

ROXY : Blue Barn

ABC (Awesome Breed Creations) : Paint Horses

**Photographed at Lost Horizon, Azumi using Noble goes Dutch 1 windlight