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Once upon a time not so long ago there was a girl who met a boy…


Photographed at ~ Lost Horizon, Azumi

She put the finishing touches on the blog post and hit publish.  Leaning back in the chair she smiled, deciding a shopping spree for interior accessories was a good way to celebrate.  Rifling through her landmarks she found one not visited for a while, and with a click of the mouse arrived at the landing point.  Moving just a few steps to the left the lag hit her full force.  It was difficult to move; like trying to walk through thick syrup, but she made it to a spot where just moving her camera around would be easy enough and began to cam each display.

He was looking at a garden swing when she came in to radar range.  “A Cougar” he said to himself smiling.  “Wonder if she is on the prowl for a younger man to ravish”? Zooming in he took a good, long, leisurely look at this Cougar.   Raven hair, classy and sophisticated in dress. Here was a woman who took pride in her appearance. Looking at her profile pics he began to read.  She was Cherokee, Native American. Now he understood the name. Her profile said just enough to intrigue him more.  He continued to stare at her long shapely legs and realized she was walking his way.  “Damn!   I’ve been caught out” he muttered to himself.

She finished looking at everything this side of the region and realized she would have to move to get a good look at the other side. The camera would not cooperate from here. Taking a deep breath she turned and walked head on into the lag.  The first few steps weren’t so bad, but the more she tried to move forward the more she bobbled and weaved.  She paused and waited a few moments before continuing on, determined to see the rest of the displays.  The more she fought the lag the worse it got.  Never had she experienced lag this bad.  Ever onward she walked and then she saw him.  He stood there right in her way.  She tried to stop but the lag kept pulling her forward.  Surely she was going to run him down, but thankfully stopped just short of knocking him over.  

Henry : Hello Cougar.

Cougar : Hello Henry.

Henry : Cherokee eh?

Cougar : yes

Henry : For real?

Cougar : lol, yes, for real.

Henry : Well, pleasure to meet you.  I’ve never met a Native American Indian before.

Cougar : A pleasure to meet you as well Henry.

Henry : So, what brings you to Cheeky Peas today?  Furnishing a home?

Cougar : Looking for accessories mostly.

Henry : I was looking at this swing, but…and here’s the odd part…it doesn’t “swing”.

Cougar : That is very odd, but then again, it is SL.

And the rest as they say is history.  I have never complained of lag since.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

From the very bottom of my heart I want to thank:

Cheeky Pea : Willow Creek Swing

HPMD : Little Birds, Garden Tree 07

Maxi  Gossamer H&G : Shalullah Jewelled Bird House

Heart Garden Center : Riverbank Weeping Willows, Oak tree Mature ‘Summer’

Cube Republic : Reed with Flowers ‘Green’

Botanical : Cattails, Dragonfly Emitter

anc. : Wildgrass ‘Flash Green’

we’re closed : Grass Field ‘Lush’

Y.B : Sim Surround ‘Dolina’

Animania : White Ducks, Mallard Ducks