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Shoulders back, long neck, stomach in, head-tilt, elbows up, arms out, legs straight, higher, higher, higher, pull up, point toes, stretch thighs, don’t roll, don’t sickle, ribs in, butt tucked, turn out, releve`, thumbs in, energy, square hips, extend, reach, breathe and…SMILE. ~ author unknown

dance4bPractice like you’ve never won.  Perform like you’ve never lost. ~author unknown


Kiddo Oh of Dead Dollz has created this wonderful ballet/dance set for The Crossroads event.  Named ‘Fame‘ I could not resist spending a huge portion of my clothing budget to get it all.  It’s worth every single linden.  There are leotards, sweaters, leggings, leg warmers and each in a multitude of colors that can be worn separately or mixed and matched.  Oh! And the leg warmers come in flat, medium and high for Maitreya feetsies. There’s enough to keep even the most avid ballerina/dancer a happy camper.

I could have placed a link to the song Fame but instead thought you might enjoy a bit of Swan Lake.  I was so impressed with this ballerina’s  technique I just had to share 🙂

Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Maitreya : Mesh Body ‘Lara’

Amara Beauty/Zoul Creations : Gabriela Skintone ’06 Caramel’

EMO-tions : Elaine ‘Black’

EarthStones: Caged Pearl Studs

Dead Dollz: ‘Fame’ Leotard, Sweater and Leg warmers (for Maitreya Lara) available@ The Crossroads thru October 28th

Nantra : Bunhead Gacha ‘Ballet Barre’

Sari-Sari : Ballet 03

LumiPro : LumiPro 2016 HUD