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My soul yearns for stillness, for a space, a garden or a forest, where I can be silent and by doing so I come to a deeper sense of myself and my place in the universe.  Silence is not a absence but a presence, not an emptiness but a filling up. ~ author unknown

This is but a small portion of the one and only bathroom at Le Lac Des Cygnes.  It’s a very large layout I admit but this is my Second Life so why not? 🙂  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Never Totally Dead: Valpenac 1705 Manor

Dirty Princess: High Society Princess Drapes

Brook Hill Living: Canvas Fireplace

Atelier Visconti: Vanessa Dormeuse & Ottoman

Compulsion: Plant 6,7

Dust Bunny: Potted Cheese Plant, Fiddle Leaf Tree, Sunday Newspaper from passed Epiphany Breakfast Gacha

db Design: Antique Glass Door Cabinet

La Galleria: Off White Shag Rug

Apple Fall: Swan Study Original, Roses Jug, Magnolia Leaf Wreath, Fire Insert from Period Fireplace

meadowWorks: Swans Embrace RARE, Black Swan A & B Cast Lead from Random Acts of Swan-Ness Gacha  I cannot at this time find an in-world store but you can find these items on MP or from Secondhand Sellers of Gacha

Fancy Decor: Gold Candlestick

What Next: Hanne Fireplace Tools

R(S)W: Tea Set Gold Rim

Erratic: Magazine and Newspaper from Lazy Sunday Morning Gacha

ISPACHI: Lamentation of Swans NO LONGER AVAILABLE can only be found on MP or from Secondhand Gacha Sellers in world

Aria: Towels, Delphine Towel Pile with Orchids

The Loft: Towels

Vespertine: Pack of Soaps, Individual Soaps of Lavender Orange, Activated Charcoal, Cambrian Blue, Gardener Scrub, Fresh Peppermint, Hand Creme, TeaTree Lotion, Shea Butter Lotion

Tres Blah: Lip Balm from Jolie Gacha

Dutchie: Bowl of Soap, Spa Necessities

Second Spaces: Jars of Essentials, Freshness from Bathroom Clutter Gacha

Zen & Serenity Shop: Oils and Sponge NO LONGER AVAILABLE on MP or in-world

MudHoney: Cooper Bath Stool