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Don’t forget to love her.  The little girl you used to be.  Perhaps she lies within you.  Untucked.  Sleeping peacefully.  ~ Kiana Llanos

Kat Sangria

It’s been three long years trying to bring my mini-me into the mesh age.  As Kat has always been 7 years old it was important to me to keep her at that age.  Not a toddler, not a tween, but somewhere in between there.  It’s been difficult, to say the least.

While I have a couple mesh bodies designed for the older child the cons have outweighed the pros in regards to using them.  The inability to find clothing, skins, mesh heads and/or more for a 7-year-old was very disheartening.  I just gave up and put Kat to bed hoping one day she would awaken.

A few days ago I had my Catwa group open and someone mentioned a mesh body for kids.  My eyes perked up and IMing the moderator got me the landmark.  I went, took a look and promptly bought the AVI(L) Twen mesh body.  What cinched the deal for me is that it is compatible with Catwa heads. I had previously purchased Catya by Catwa in hopes of using it with the other bodys but unfortunately no luck.  With AVI(L) the Catwa head is seamless.

The body can wear clothing sized for the SMB mesh body but it’s a good idea to DEMO any clothing if possible before purchasing.  There is also some clothing made just for the AVI(L) and with purchase of the mesh body, you get a small assortment of clothing to start out with.

Deetalez skins are the only skin maker at the moment, and in a limited amount of tones, but I am hoping that maybe other skin designers will get on board in the future.  Also offering the Deetalez skin in all tones would be a plus.  If any hair designers read this, maybe consider offering a line of hair for flat chests.  So many nice hairstyles I could have used except they were made for avatars with boobies, which made them unusable and limited my choices.  What I was able to find works well though and makes me happy.

I look forward to using Kat in future posts.  There is a backlog of quotes and a multitude of inspiration I am anxious to use now that the sleeper has awakened.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

For more information on the AVI(L) body please see here.

To see an inworld live DEMO of the AVI(L) mesh body go here.

I would like to thank:

Avatar Complexity: 116,843

Twen: AVI(L) Mesh Body, Deetalez skin

Catwa: Bento Mesh Head Catya

Shape: Custom shape created by Me

Deetalez: Trinity for Catwa “Mixed”  and Skintones here

Baby Princess Kids: “Lotte” SMB size

Argrace: Rin “Black”

Izzie’s: Cora Sheer Lipgloss

L`vovicha: Mole Applier for Catwa

Purfect: Female Mesh Head Freckles for Catwa

EarthStones: Diamond Stud Earrings “Brilliant”

Robin(S)Woods: Valentine Teddy 2015

LumiPro: LumiPro 2017 HUD