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She liked the moon because, like herself, it shined its brightest when no one was around to see. ~Authour Unknown

Photographed at ~ Du Petit Lac Des Cygnes

As the storyline goes, Du Petit Lac Des Cygnes is located in the Southwest area of France at the foot of the Pyrenees mountain range.  Having lived on regions surrounded by water, this is an ongoing learning experience for me.  It’s tested my terraforming abilities to be sure.  The actual lake for which the build is named takes up over 1/4 of the region.  The Chateau and the grounds surrounding it takes up almost 1/2 with the farmhouse turned cafe/winery along with the vineyard and orchard comprising the remaining area.  Landscaping as always takes up much of the land impact in my builds.  In the above photograph, I am standing near one of two walls of fountains that enclose the pool area.  It’s still a work in progress for the most part, and so over the top but I love it! Maybe I’ll have this place open before the year is out lol.  Be kind to one another.  TWMA♥

I would like to thank:

Maitreya: Mesh Body Lara

Catwa: Mesh Bento Head Catya

Amara Beauty: Rebecca Skintone 08 for Catwa

Shape: Custom creation by me

IKON: Mesh Hope Eyes Denim

LeLutka: VIBRATO Hair IronHotcake

Euphoric: Smokey Eyeshadow Mihrimah Series for Catwa, Hizma

Izzie’s: Dark Matte Lipstick for Catwa, Metal Cuffs from Initial Bracelet Gacha, Hairbase Parted for Catwa

Giz Seorn: Helen Dress

EarthStones: Belly Gems, Simply Yours Bridal Set Platinum

Amias: Danika Gacha rings  Commons, RARES, and ULTRA RARES

LiliPily: Cougar Amulet Ring no longer in world

La Boheme: Mani/Pedi French Soft

ChicChica: Freya Gold Gacha

Body Language: Coastline 08 modified with Animare

LumiPro: LumiPro HUD 2018

Fanatik Architecture: Palms

MESHWORX: Grand Wall Fountain some retexturing done

Never Totally Dead: Vase Tuileries

Wishing Well Fountains: Dancing Fountains